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Cutterz – 12 Inch Face

Here is an interesting new single from hip hop producer Cutterz. “12 Inch Face” is the first solo single from the producer who has been involved in the Manchester hip hop scene for over a decade, promoting, DJing and being 1/4 of Voodoo Black alongside Sparkz, Dubbul-O and Ellis Meade.
However, for his debut solo single “12 Inch Face”, Cutterz has swerved away from straight up hip hop to bring you a track that is heavily influenced by Detroit house and electric breaks. It works well, the track has a nice bouncy vibe and it’s great to hear hip hop producers spreading their wings a little further. Grab it now for free on Room 2 Records bandcamp and check out the video.


Podcast No.17 – Torb The Roach

For our 17th podcast we have a very special mix courtesy of Torb The Roach. Earlier this year Torb The Roach and Floppy McSpace released the excellent instrumental hip hop album, “Tape Echo – Golden Floppies”. A lo-fi, beat crunching, bugged out album that pushes the musical boundaries while keeping its feet firmly in the realm of hip hop. The promotion for the album gave us one of the best and most bizarre short films we’ve seen in a long time, if you’ve not seen check out here.
The mix Torb has provided shows the influences on his production, gathering funky breaks and beats from all over the world and from all spectrum’s of music. Torb had this to say about the mix and making music in general –

“I started making music and collecting records shortly after I started breakin in 1999/2000. The last 8 years I got more heavy into producing music and also started to dig deeper for rarer and lesser known stuff. This is a mix of tunes that inspires me on my work on the tape echo gold floppies release. I love weird and obscure stuff, and always try to find something that is new to my ears. I don’t care about the genre or style to much, I look for a certain vibe and feeling in the music. This is mostly 60’s and 70’s records, from all over the planet including Japan, Korea, China, Singabpore, US, Jamaica, Belgium, Sweden etc. When I dj I normally play more dance related stuff for bboy jams or clubs, it iss the same kind of vibe but more uptempo.”

Sit back, relax and enjoy this awesome mix!

Giallo Point – Vito Ferro

Check out the awesoferrome new album from Giallo Point, “Vito Ferro”. These are super funky hip hop beats of the highest order. Imagine all your favourite library records, films scores and 70’s cop shows all rolled nicely together to create some super smooth, head nodding hip hop. That’s Giallo Points sound to a tee.
He’s got breaks for all occasions and crates for days and any other crate digging phrase you’d like to mention.
This album is a must for all beats, instrumental hip hop, library, funk fans and it will only cost you £3!

Boca 45 – Dig, Eat, Beats, Repeat

Beatsmith Bobocaca 45 returns with a brand new album, ‘Dig, Eat, Beats, Repeat’ released on the Digga Please? label.
On offer here we have some of the funkiest beats and b-boy breaks we’ve heard in some time. The album ranges from upbeat, raw funk aimed directly at the dance floor, to more mellow head nodding beats. Boca enlists the help of US hip hoppers The Good People on 2 tracks, bringing that true skool flavour, as well as the soulful tones of Stephanie McKay who features on 3 tracks, including the single, ‘Mr Big Sun’.
The album is created with a great love for the old skool hip hop stylings and brings them up to date, while keeping things super funky. ‘Mr Big Sun’ is released on March 16th while the album see the light of day on March 23rd, check out the Digga Please? site for more information. Check out this 5 minute mix Boca 45 has put together as a sampler of the album.

Solomon Caine – Podcast & Interview

caineWith his new album out now, Solomon Caine has kindly taken time out to be the guest selector for our latest podcast and answer a few of our questions…read on!

Please introduce yourself and let everyone know who you are and what you do.
My name is Solomon Caine; I am a visual philosopher, sorcerer of sound and surrealist. The name ‘Solomon’ equals wisdom and ‘Caine’ slew ‘Abel’. Together it equates to a balance of light and dark.

When did you start making music?
I studied Fine Art at University and translated the visual art forms into sound in the year 2000. That’s when it all begun.

What were your early influences?
To be honest my early influences is 90s hip hop, the golden era. Which is inspired by soul, rhythm and blues, jazz, funk and reggae. Understanding the principles of music is a journey, a journey which I still travel along to this very day.

Has it always been hip hop, or have you ever made or considered making any other forms of music?
It has always been hip hop, but roots reggae is a music that I would love to make. The knowledge, consciousness and wisdom that I have absorbed from roots reggae is something that I respect greatly.

You have a new album out, “Guerilla Godz…Unmasked The Phantom”, can you describe the album and explain the concept behind the music.
The album is classic 1990s, Wu-Tang inspired, concept based hip hop. The concept of the album is the reverse of evolution. Where science believes we descend from apes, the Guerilla Godz prophecy is that we evolve into apes, with a higher state of consciousness and a god like understanding of the principals of the universe. The MC’s on the album are human beings that are in touch with future Godz. This manifests itself through rhymes and music.

There is a large cinematic influence in your music. Has this had an effected on your music and sound?
Absolutely, movie soundtracks are the foundations of what I do.

On that note, what’s your favourite kung-fu film?
The Shoguns Assassin, everything you need to know about 70’s movies is contained in that film.

What’s your favourite Sci-fi film?
My favourite has to be The Omega Man, it’s a post-apocalyptic masterpiece.

For you, what makes a truly great track or record?
A song that is timeless.

Do you have plans to work with any MC’s in the future?
Yeah, I see and hear new things everyday, the way I see things is the possibilities are endless.

Is it hard finding the right MC’s to fit your sound?
Yeah it is, because I like to work with MC’s that are intelligent and articulate, with an open mind and a voice that tonally compliments what I do. In return I want to compliment what they bring, it’s a two-way thing. It’s like ingredient’s in a kitchen, use the right ingredients and you can create a tasty dish.

You are signed to Canadian label Make Believe Records, how did that come about?
I remixed a couple of joints for a group that are on the label, called Dragon Fli Empire. They approached me about joining the label and I thought it would be a great idea. They said I’m allowed full artistic freedom with whatever I do.

Do you try to make music that fits into the modern vision of hip hop, or are you happy just doing your thing and not caring about the rest of the world?
I’ve never felt the need to fit in to anything that is going on, because all the music I truly respect was innovative in the time of which it was produced. My philosophy is why try to be someone else when you can be yourself.

(I asked this to the last person I interviewed, but I like the question so) Which cartoon , old or new, would you like to provide the soundtrack for?
That’s a phat question, Afro Samurai.

What’s next for Solomon Caine? What can we expect to hear in the future?
I’m going to make a series of short films, an instrumental album and a lot more collaborations with talented artist.

Finally, any shout out or final thoughts?
Can I give a shout out to anyone who is doing their own thing for the right reasons. My final thought is to follow your dreams, if you believe enough they will become a reality.

“Guerilla Godz…Unmask The Phantom” is out now for name your price release on bandcamp, and listen to the excellent podcast mix here.

Andy Votel – Diabolical Melodix

andy-votel-mixtapeOriginally released on cassette only, Andy Votels latest mix, “Diabolical Melodix” is now available for free download.
The mix or beat tape is an excellent mix of “Hip-hop beats made by V.O.T.E.L using original old records.” Expect plenty of beat heavy psych, funky breaks, prog synths and more. Your ears need this!

Oh, and for anyone in Manchester, make sure you check out Votels forthcoming vintage hip hop nights, Slow Down launching October 31st.


The Grits – Break of the Week

Brighton funkster The Grits have some quality raw drum breaks up for free download. They are putting a new break up every week until the next 7″ release on Hamhock Records.
These heavy drum breaks are up for free download and ready for sample use, although give them a shout if you wish to do so. Keep your eyes on the groups soundcloud page for the next break of the week.


Katalyst – Back to Basics

DJ, producer, record collector Katalyst makes up one-third of hip hop super group The Quakers. He has just dropped a super nice mix of old breaks, samples, dusty funk and all that good stuff. It is up now for limited download from his soundcloud page, so be quick and get your download on. Or you can just enjoy streaming it, either way is good.

Danny Spice – A Journey Through Breaks

We may be a bit late on this, but it’s worth blogging regardless. Check out this super nice mix of funk, soul, and library breaks by Danny Spice, still up for download on Dannys soundcloud page. While you at it, check out Mr Spice’s excellent album, “The King Amongst Thieves” released on Carry On Going Records. The album features guest appearances from Oxygen, Mr Thing, Craig G and more, the limited 12″ version has now sadly (for us) sold out, but you can still grab a digital copy from the usual retailers.

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