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Buddy Peace – Whole House Freeze

Beat master Bubuddyddy Peace is back with a brand new EP, “Whole House Freeze”. Consisting of 11 tracks in total, the EP is packed full of Buddy’s signature chunky beats and these are super chunky! There is a real bluesy feel to the tracks, cutting up roaring vocals and raw guitar licks, over bone rattling drums, this is definitely one of our favourite Buddy Peace releases in awhile.
All fans of Mr Peace’s previous work will love this, as will all beats and breaks fans. “Whole House Freeze” is up now for Name Your Price release so you have no excuse not to have this in your lives!

Buddy Peace – Golden Bangkok Guest

buddyBeat master Buddy Peace returns with a brand new album/beat tape featuring samples and finds from his trips to Thailand and Laos. Buddy has mixed together his own field recordings and samples collected over 2 years of back and forths between Bangkok and Laos, and many diversions therein, with his trade mark head nodding beats.
You get a real feel for the sounds of both countries and their local tradition music, while Buddy’s intricate cutting up, splicing and re-imagining brings them into a whole new realm.
Released today on a very limited, hand made CD, including trading cards, and digitally all from Mr Peace’s bandcamp page. Don’t sleep!

Buddy Peace – 300 SECONDS Part 001 – ‘Crystal Dungeonette’

buddyMr Buddy Peace is back with a new mix, or should that be mini-mix? ‘Crystal Dungeonette’ is the first installment in Buddy’s 300 Seconds (5 minutes) mix series, that he aims to put out every Tuesday and Thursday.
As ever expect an eclectic mix of styles, and of course lots of heavy drums!

Buddy Peace – Sons Of Bitches

buddyMr Buddy Peace returns with a brand new “ultramix”, “Sons Of Bitches”. This is Buddy’s tribute to the great Miles Davis albums “Bitches Brew” and “On The Corner”.
According to Mr Peace, “I disassembled every single track and reassembled the 4200 chops into 2 x 30 minute productions. The first part is ‘Sons Of Bitches’ – the Bitches Brew sessions megamix. The second is ‘Ten Horn Core’ – the On The Corner sessions megamix.” Dope as ever.
“Sons Of Bitches” was available on a limited edition, hand sprayed double CD, however as I write this they have already sold out, hopefully there will be a re-press. But you can still grab the digital release, this is some serious business!

Buddy Peace – I’m OK YR OK

buddyMaster of the beats, Mr Buddy Peace is back. This time Buddy has laced us with a new, super tasty 35 minute mix.
This is half an hour of re-edits, remixes, blends and heavy heavy drums – as you would expect. Any new product from Buddy Peace is always welcome round these parts, and this is no exception. It’s up now for free download, the perfect christmas gift for any fan of Peace.

Prolyphic & Buddy Peace – Go Green Video

Check out the excellent new video for Prolyphic and Buddy Peaces track “Go Green”. Taking from their “Working Man” album, the video was directed by fellow beat maker Aupheus, who carved all the puppets from scratch! Love it.

Prolyphic & Buddy Peace

Yes thats right, U.S rapper and Strange Famous artists, Prolyphic is back with a new album enitrley produced by our favourite, now beard-less, beat junkie, Buddy Peace!
The album, “Working Man” is released on April 30th through SFR, but for the time being the pair have kindly put up a taster of what’s to come in the form of free download, “Business As Usual”. Judging by this, we can’t wait to hear the full length!

Remdog – Inside The Arrows Remix EP

remiRemdog, aka graff artist Remi Rough, releases a brand new EP of remixes entitled, “Inside The Arrows”. Taking 2 of his original tracks, “Arrowglands” and “Inside the Box”, and letting 5 producers, including himself, loose with the controls. Remixes come from Strange Famous’ beat head Buddy Peace, Kelp, Gravypaste and WrongTom, better known for his recent reggae albums,  this remix shows of his excellent non-reggae production skills.
The EP features a great selection of hip hop,, future beats, electronica, and my personal highlight, Nature Boy Jim Kelly aka Nosaj from 90’s legendary freaky funk hip hop group New Kingdom.
Go get yourself a copy, yaheardme!

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