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Daryl Donald – Solitude

Looking for darylmodern, soulful, futuristic instrumental hip hop? Then look no further than Daryl Donald’s new album, “Solitude”.
“Solitude” is an impressive set of instrumental tracks. Mixing chilled out, head nodding beats with neo-soul and jazz creating a unique and entertaining album that will keep your interest for the full duration of its 15 tracks.
For fans of the older trip hop sound or modern future beats this album meets somewhere in the middle and is a top quality release from the Scottish producer. Get it now for name your price release via bandcamp.

Daryl Donald – Kept

donaldDaryl Donald is a young producer from Edinburgh, he’s been locked away honing his skills and is now giving us “Kept”. This is an album of really tight instrumental hip hop, leaning from dusty, jazzy mellow styles, to more electronic Brainfeeder influenced material. No mater where it sits, it keeps your head nodding that’s for sure. If any thing, I would say some of the tracks for this 10 track release, are slightly too short for my liking, they could roll on for longer, but that’s a minor thing.
This is a great debut release, perfect for those sunny days we, hopefully, have to look forward soon.
Grab it now for free download.


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