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Damien & Bethaniens Dust – Conveil

I Had An Accident records continue their assault on the listeners  senses with a new split cassette from Damien and Bethaniens Dust. As you would expect each side is a college of dark, eerie noises and soundscapes mixed with hard, dirty smash your door down beats. Another essential release from IHAA. Grab the cassette (if there’s any left) or the digital now.

John Pain & Egadz – Sinking Swimmer 2

We are a little late on this one, but wanted to give you the heads up. Luana Records have once again enlisted the talents of John Pain and Egadz for the “Sinking Swimmer II” EP.
Just think heavy, hard hitting, dirty drums, mixed with analogue instrumentation and you will get a good idea of how this EP sounds. Mixing up hip hop, experimental sounds, psychedelic beats and more, limited to 120 hand numbered copies, this is a must for any dirty beats fan. Luana Records keeping up the quality as ever.

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