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Benjamin One – After The Days / Simpler Things

Following theben one release of his debut album ‘The Drum Role’, Benjamin One returns with a new single, ‘Simpler Things’. The track is accompanied with a slick new video that features an interesting looking puzzle being played, the puzzle is also up for sale from the Universal Magnetic bandcamp page.
The track itself is a tasty mix of electronic beats, with the energy of grime, a hint of dubstep and of course lots of hip hop. This track definitely gets your body moving!

Telemachus – Sidi Ifni video

The new video for ‘Sidi Ifni’ taken from Telemachus’ new album,  ‘In Morocco’ out now on YNR Productions.

Telemachus – In Morocco

The new Telemtelachus album, ‘In Morocco’ is released on Monday the 8th December.
The highly anticipated follow-up to, ‘In The Evening’, is a fantastic mix of electronic bass kicks, sparse dubstep influenced rhythms, native African instrumentation, and percussion heavy beats. The London producer has made a truly unique and refreshing album, taking his sound into new areas and new levels.
Check out this snippet mix and then grab the album on Monday, pre-orders  for the extremely limited, only 100 in the world, vinyl are being taken now, so get in there while you can from the YNR Productions Bandcamp.

Benjamin One – The Drum Role


Bristol producer Benjamin One releases his début album, ‘The Drum Role’ on the new Universal Magnetic imprint.
The album is a great mix of electronic beats, experimental hip hop, grime, dubstep, electro and more. From the first track, ‘Better Up’, which sounds like a mix between classic Neptunes production, El-P and Prefuse 73, I was hooked.
At 16 track deep, this is a pretty long album, but it entertains all the way through, taking you on a journey through Ben’s infectious influences and showing his unique take on electronic music.
There are some tasty bundles to be had, including special USB versions and t-shirts. Check it out now via bandcamp.

Benjamin One – The Shifts EP

benThe Bristol beat maker and master of the MPC, Benjamin One is back with a new EP and this time he’s gone all out!
Benjamin has cooked up a tasty 4 track EP, delving into the dark realms of jungle, dubstep, grime, electronics and more. Although “The Shifts” ep is a slight, well…shift, from the electronic hip hop we have heard in the past, but it’s a logical shift and still echo’s the left of centre electronic hip hop you would expect.
Out in April on Rebel Instinct Records, be sure to come along for the ride!

Moniker Eggplant – Recipes for Reconstruction

To celebrate their first year in existence, Berlin based record label Moniker Eggplant has released an excellent new compilation, “Recipes For Reconstruction”.
The compilation consists of 16 brand new remixes of the labels past releases, including remixes by Shins-K, MimiCof, Graph and more. Expect experimental electronica, ambient sounds, glitchy beats and more.
“Recipes for Reconstruction” is released on digital format or limited edition, handcrafted CDR, both available from the labels bandcamp page.

Egadz – Satellites

egadz“Satellites” is the latest album from Egadz aka Erik Nava, an electronic musician hailing from Southern California.
Nava has been creating hip hop in different forms for many years now, however back in 2001 he decided to move away from loops and samples and start to experiment with electronic composition. Now he is creating his own heavy weight beats, with plenty of squelchy bass lines and synths, experimenting but still bumping.
Taking influence from dubstep, IDM, the LA beats scene and more, “Satellites” is an album of music that you can intently listen too but at the same time makes you move.
There are many different layers to the music here and nice variation throughout the album. You will definitely find yourself going back for many listens just to catch the parts you missed before.
Out now on CD and limited USB drive you need to check this out.

Moniker Eggplant

eggplant_3_6_2_7_1_farbton2-012Moniker Eggplant is an open-minded electronic label based in Berlin. The concept behind the label is they “release sound carriers (vinyl, CD, data) always conducted by a proper eggplant-recipe”. Sounds a bit nuts, yeah but we are loving it!
So far there have been four main; three handmade CDrs in our unique design (handmade, hand stamped carton-cd-box) and one vinyl (7” split-release with Alphacute records). All with that real DIY ethos that shows real love has gone into the project and the label.
The main focus of the label is to bring together artists from all over the globe who create different, unique forms of electronic music, compile their music and release them as part of their “Mashed Eggplant” series.
So far there has been “Mashed Eggplant Vol.1” featuring the likes of Infinite Livez, Dingy Dysu, Desmond Denker and more. Along with, yep you’ve guessed it, “Mashed Eggplant Vol.2” featuring artists such as Bit-Turner, PorkFour, Graph amongst others.
They all make for a really interesting, diverse, at times challenge, but overall entertaining listen. It is well worth giving Moniker Eggplants back catalogue a listen and keeping an eye on where they will go next!

V/A – Mad13

MadHop Records madhopstarted back in 2009 as a LastFM group for creative artists to connect through out the world. Since then they have released a number free digital compilations of electronic, experimental hip hop, dubstep, IDM, glitch-hop, future beats and more.
Now for the latest installment, “Mad13”, they are making the move to a vinyl release, great new all round. Featuring tracks from artists such as Koloah, Mike G, Minoo and more. Their first physical release is due on September 13th and can be pre-ordered from their bandcamp page. Different bundles are available including the LP, CD, MP3 and a top quality t-shirt. Don’t sleep on this people!

Visor & MC Wild Eye- The Road

Check out this dope new track by producer Visor and London Mc Wild Eye. Mixing up elements of hip hop, electronica, dubstep, grime and more, The Road is real food for thought. Taken from Visors album “Freedom Fighters” , MC Wild Eye laces the track with some excellent soulful poetry, taking you on a journey to the heart and from the heart. Big!

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