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LongDistanceDan – The Dust Man Stirs

Yes, finally LongDistanceDan’s debut full length album, “The Dust Man Stirs” is available for download.
Carrying on from where his 2015, “The Other Side Of The Sky” left off, the album is a heavy mix of lo-fi, raw beats. Taking influence from raw funk, lo-fi hip hop, psychedelia, garage rock, library music and more, here is what people have been saying already –

“There seems to be some kind of crazy interference on my headset….nope…you’ve tuned into the psychedelic sound of Long Distance Dan. The Dust Man Stirs a pot filled to the brim with eclectic beats and sound textures. Moving between the electronic and the analogue, between downtempo trip-hop and speed psyche-beat. Strange variations found here for your third ear…” Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser)
“Sounds great!” Boca 45
“Dan’s beats are imaginative and intriguing, you never know what is going to come next!” Jonny Cuba (Soundsci)
“This shits dope man! It’s gotta cool sequence to it, well mixed and knockin. Good drums” Walter Gross 
“Sounds good man, I like those drums!!! Keep the nastiness alive” Psychopop (Skrapez/Gonjasufi)
“It’s freaky cinematic, deep psych bangers. There’s some track I absolutely love, massive breaks, dirty bass lines and a weirdness to it all that’s really cool.” Tom Caruana (Son Of Sam/Tea Sea Records) 
“It’s a dope piece of art” Jason Furlow (New Kingdom) 

The album is fully instrumental apart from two tracks, “Rescue You” which features Icelandic forward thinking hip hoppers Cryptochrome and “After Omega”. A hard edged, garage rock howler featuring Sam Crick, formally of Brighton ska, punk, garage band Wilf. The awesome album artwork is provided by Sun Moth.
The album is out now for Name Your Price download via the Dusted Industries bandcamp page.

LongDistanceDan – The First War March Of The Hip Hop Clowns

Our veLDD - Front Cover Smallry own LongDistanceDan releases his new vocal hip hop EP this friday (Sept 18th).
“The First War March Of The Hip Hop Clowns” has been in the making or some time now, however as Dan as got more involved in production his rapping and vocal tracks and been sat on the back burner. However, now is the time to unleash his unique vision of hip hop and lyrical word play on the world.
Coming in at 9 tracks long, the EP features production from Pimpernel Jones, Brayaz, Jose Bee, as well as the man himself, also included is a remix from Bristol legend OneCut. Released on Sept 18th as a Name Your Price release via our own Dusted Industries label.

You can check out the EP sampler now on soundcloud


LongDistanceDan – The Other Side Of The Sky

We are verLDD coverspecy proud to present the latest release on our Dusted Industries label, by our very own, LongDistanceDan.
‘The Other Side Of The Sky’ is a new 7 track instrumental EP of raw, psychedelic, funky beats.
Here is what people are saying so far –

“Picture what might have happened on that trip to ‘Nam if James Brown had taken an excess of LSD and become funk’s Colonel Kurtz…It’s not unlike something the Heliocentrics might do actually, or even The Grits. Just a lot faster (in the main) and after ingesting a lot more ‘purple haze.”

“Really liking this a lot, will definitely play some of these tracks out! Loving the direction you’re going in here.” Strictly Kev (DJ Food/Ninjatune)

“I like the rough and raw sound and the psych touch all over…. it’s been a long time since I’ve heard such a release.” Renegades Of Jazz

Others who have shown their support include 2econd Class Citizen and DJ Format.
The EP is out now for Name Your Price download, however if you are kind enough to part with your cash you will receive an exclusive 45 minute DJ mix direct to your inbox as a little thank you.
Extra special thanks goes to Strictly Kev for the super nice artwork.
Check it out now!

V/A Cosmic Dust Agenda

This is just a reminder that the compilation, ‘Cosmic Dust Agenda’, put together by our very own LongDistanceDan for our label Dusted Industries, is still available to download for free! Or you are more than welcome to give up as much of your hard earned money as you feel right. Either way, please check it out.

LongDistanceDan – The Other Side Of The Sky sampler

It is our pleasure to present a sampler for the forthcoming LongDistanceDan EP, “The Other Side Of The Sky”. The release is set for early next year on our own Dusted Industries label. We are all very excited about the EP and can’t wait to release it to the public.
But for now please have a listen to the sampler.

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