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The Casual Sexists – Karakara EP

The Casual Sexists are back with a brand new EP, “Karakara” released 11th August on Feral Media. Spiking their pop cocktail with skulking dancehall rhythms and minimalistic electro-funk, The Casual Sexists bring the combination to a dizzying high with this new EP.
The title track places a pitiful but tenacious stalker in the Casuals’ crosshairs, torn apart by Varrick in sardonic and sultry tones against a musical backdrop of speaker-rattling basslines, lo-fi percussion and a maddeningly catchy chorus.
The fractured funk jalopy that is “Curse” finds Varrick and Ed confronting the mixed feelings of sustained disillusionment and fleeting triumph inherent in the creative process—whilst wryly noting the slight absurdity of applying such lofty dramatics to their DIY milieu.
Third and final is “Pop Music”, a celebration of one of the Casuals’ very favourite things, yakked with detached glee over an angular electro rhythm littered with samples and some very janked-up percussion.
For the as-yet-unfamiliar, The Casual Sexists began their musical life in London before relocating to Varrick’s native NYC, where they make music using a computer along with various domestic objects, animal sounds and the overwhelming madness of the world at large.
Grab the EP on the 11th HERE and in the mean time check out the video for Karakara, its worth it for Ed Zeds dancing alone!


Shinobi Cuts – Infrasonics 723 Remix Chain

The 3rdcover remix chain from Shinobi Cuts is now available for download. If you don’t know the premise, one artists creates a track, the next remixes that track, the next remixes the remixes and so on.
This time round the original track comes from San Diego’s DJ Pnutz, providing a storming mix of banging beats, wailing guitars and more. Then the track goes on to be remixed by the likes of Digital Midgets, Pete Sasqwax, Bobby Corridor and more, including our own LongDistanceDan. The results range from ambient electronic soundscapes, thumping downbeats, electro beats and more. Download the album now for Name Your Price release.

Benjamin One – The Drum Role


Bristol producer Benjamin One releases his début album, ‘The Drum Role’ on the new Universal Magnetic imprint.
The album is a great mix of electronic beats, experimental hip hop, grime, dubstep, electro and more. From the first track, ‘Better Up’, which sounds like a mix between classic Neptunes production, El-P and Prefuse 73, I was hooked.
At 16 track deep, this is a pretty long album, but it entertains all the way through, taking you on a journey through Ben’s infectious influences and showing his unique take on electronic music.
There are some tasty bundles to be had, including special USB versions and t-shirts. Check it out now via bandcamp.

The Herbaliser – There Were Seven (Remixes)

herbThe Herbaliser are back! Well kind of…following on from their 7th studio album, they have just released “There Were Seven – Remixes”.
The hip hop, funksters have let a whole load of established and up coming artists lose on their tracks, given them fresh remixes and re-jiggles. The remixes enlisted are an interesting bunch, ranging from straight up hip hop production from Soundsci (Ollie Teeba’s side project with Johnny Cuba) and dusty breaks from 2econd Class Citizen, to the tough electro sounds of Lopez, the return of DnB vet T-Power, although not making DnB here, to the dubbed out sounds from UK hip hop legend No Sleep Nigel, and a whole load of others making up the ground in between.
These remixes breath new life into the 2012 album, taking the tracks into new and different areas and realms. Released on the bands own Department H the album is out now and well worth you cash!

Jon & Joe – The Sleep Walkers Companion

JOn“The Sleep Walkers Companion” is the new EP from Brightons Jon Clark and Joe, well not sure who Joe is. For what this EP lacks in quality of recording, it makes up for with interesting and unusual sound. What makes it’s more interesting is the concept behind the recording – “This recording is a game me and Joe started playing where we write a song in 15 minutes then spit it straight away, recording on hand-held mics with the beat rocking in the room.”
The result it a lo-fi, electro, off the wall collection of hip hop tracks, covering a number of topics not usual heard on your average UK hip hop release.
Along with some nice artwork from graf legend Req, the EP is out now!

Awkward – Rock The House video

Check out this super dope new video for Awkwards track, “Rock The House”. It is a seriously tripped out, psychedelic journey of a video, grab your 3D glasses!
“Rock The House” features Zackey Force Funk and is taken from Awkwards forthcoming album, “The Metal At The Core” on Machina Muerte.
Rock the house y’all!

Cut Chemist – Work My Mind

Cut Chemist has been busy this month, no complaints from us! He has just unveiled the video for his new track, “Work My Mind” featuring Chali 2na and Hymnal. The track is real party rocker, old school meets new school and gets everybody dancing. It’s good to hear Chali 2na working with Cut again and Hymnal provides the perfect chorus.
Better still, you can get the track for FREE (yes FREE!) download from Cut Chemists bandcamp page.
“Work My Mind” is the first single from a forthcoming EP which features collabs with Edan, Mr Lif, Mumbles and Gone Beyond. Damn! Can’t wait for that to drop. In the mean time, check out the new video.

New Neon Neon

Neon Neon unveil the first track from their forthcoming album on Lex, Praxis Makes Perfect.

Mid Century Modern Nightmare features backing vocals from frequent Neon Neon collaborator Cate Le Bon and an impassioned contribution from Italian actress and director Asia Argento, who reads a rousing Feltrinelli speech originally broadcast in 1970.
More to come very soon!

Metabeats – Passport

UK hip hop producer Metabeats releases “Passport” , taken from his forthcoming album ‘Caviar Crackle’. Known for his forward thinking, head nodding, underground hip hop production, here Metabeats shows the versatility of his production skill. “Passport” is a wicked slice of soulful, RnB, electronics, reaching back to the sound of 80’s electro boogie, but still keeping it up to date and modern. Even the cover art work harks back to the “Electro” compilations that were so influential on the hip hop scene in the UK. Featuring Vanity Jay on vocals, this is the perfect summer party tune. We are looking forward to the album and all the surprises it will hold, dropping in the near future on Associated Minds.

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