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Psychedelic Ensemble – Dive

The Psychedelic Ensemble release the new album “Dive”, featuring vocals from Bobby Smokes, who is in fact the Ensembles rapping alter ago.
The album mixes left-field electronics, future beats, jazz, and psychedelics with vocals that are somewhere between rapping and spoken word. Although the album may not always work perfectly, Psychedelic Ensemble has definitely created a really interesting piece work, that will need repeat listens to gain its full potential.



Benjamin One – The Shifts EP

benThe Bristol beat maker and master of the MPC, Benjamin One is back with a new EP and this time he’s gone all out!
Benjamin has cooked up a tasty 4 track EP, delving into the dark realms of jungle, dubstep, grime, electronics and more. Although “The Shifts” ep is a slight, well…shift, from the electronic hip hop we have heard in the past, but it’s a logical shift and still echo’s the left of centre electronic hip hop you would expect.
Out in April on Rebel Instinct Records, be sure to come along for the ride!

Free The Robots – In Other Worlds

freetherobotsIt’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Free The Robots, as big fans of his “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” album we’ve been looking forward to his next move and hearing new music.
Behold the “In Other Worlds” EP. Recorded around the same time as “Ctrl-Alt-Delete”, this EP is a nice segway between the previous album and his new material.
There is a more of a jazz feel to the tracks here, but still keeping the heavily electronic beats, synths, squelches and percussion.
The 4 track EP reminds you how good Free The Robots music is and why he is one of the best out there in this “future” beats scene, even if he may not get as much exposure or recognition as others.

You can download the EP for FREE from the Free The Robots bandcamp page. You can’t argue with that people.

The Simonsound – The Beam

simonsoundThe Simonsound sound release a brand new single entitiled, “The Beam”, on super tastey transparent 10″ vinyl. The single is a “radiophonic ride aboard the imaginary ‘SS Mk I Monorail’, taking in five out of this world destinations along the way. Board the Monorail and be whisked to Outer Space World, Underwater World, Inner Space, Robot World and The Land of Myths and Beasts.” You can’t argue with that, can you.
Musically, The Beam follows the work of early classic electronic producers such as Raymond Scott, Tristram Cary and Tom Dissevelt. Mixing up Buchla, Moog and EMS synthesisers, with tape manipulated percussion and acoustic sources, this is the more experiemental side of The Simonsound.
The b-side, “In The Shadow of Skylon”, is “an oscillating ode to a long lost London landmark and futuristic structure created for the Festival of Britain in 1951.”
There is a extremely limited version that includes two sided colour map, sew on ‘The Simonsound Transit Authority’ Pilot patch, 1 of a kind 1/4 inch tape loop, mini booklet, Monorail ticket, all housed in a beautiful letter press printed sleeve. But sadly as I write this it has already sold out, sorry. But you can still grab the 10″ which comes with a free map, to outter space I’m guessing. and of course there is the digital version for you modern types.

Listen and buy HERE

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