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Meakoom & Bare Beats – ME

Bare Beats has teamed up soul vocalist Meakoom to create the new 3 track ep, “ME”. The ep see’s Bare Beats providing the soulful, yet slightly off key, electronic based beats for Meakoom to let loose over. The soulful musing from Meakoom were all impromptu giving it a more immediate feel, anything could have happened but this is what they arrived at and it sounds damn good.
Grab the “ME”, including all instrumentals, from bandcamp for name your price download.

Daryl Donald – Solitude

Looking for darylmodern, soulful, futuristic instrumental hip hop? Then look no further than Daryl Donald’s new album, “Solitude”.
“Solitude” is an impressive set of instrumental tracks. Mixing chilled out, head nodding beats with neo-soul and jazz creating a unique and entertaining album that will keep your interest for the full duration of its 15 tracks.
For fans of the older trip hop sound or modern future beats this album meets somewhere in the middle and is a top quality release from the Scottish producer. Get it now for name your price release via bandcamp.

Podcast 14 : June 2016

Yes we have finally got a brand new podcast up for your listening pleasure. As it’s been awhile, we thought we would put together a 35 minute mix of tracks we have been enjoying over the past few months. Ranging from instrumental funk, underground hip hop, psyched out beats, future beats and more, all tracks were released or re-issued this year. More info can be found on the artists and releases on our blog archive. Enjoy!

Sovereign Nation – The Void Speaks

To mark the launch ovoidf the new beats and electronic music label Smho Wal (pronounced ‘Smoh-Wow’), the label have dropped a free digital download by the elusive duo Sovereign Nation entitled ‘The Void Speaks’. It’s paired with a very limited 7″ vinyl run, which contains exclusive bonus beats on the flip, that can only be found on them few records. Each is hand stamped and numbered, with a unique character drawn on each by artist SupaSaiyan. Just 11 copies were made, so sadly I’m sure they will have all sold out by the time you read this. However, the first full release is to follow in the form of a 12″ EP from ‘Dusty Ohms x SupaSaiyan’ coming in the summer. Definitely a release and label to look out for!

Awkward – Torch Wave

Bristol produceawkardr Awkward returns with a 3 track instrumental EP, “Torch Wave”.
After masterminding the beats for The Cloaks (Awol One,Gel Roc and D Styles on the scratch) and Hell On Hell with San Jose mc Megabusive last year,  Awkward returns for 2016 with a short instrumental collection of songs recorded ‘during transition’.
Awkward developes his sound further on this EP, hard hitting drums and otherworldly musical parts combine for the short display of ‘Torch Wave’. Definitely one for all you electronic, future beats fans out.


Algernon Cornelius – Fake Fucks video

“Fake Fucks” is taken from Algernon Cornelius’ debut mixtape ‘Happiness’ due out in May 2015 on Instinctive Peoples. The video was made on a budget of £4, which paid for the batteries for the camera.
For more info check out Algernon on Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

AlgernonCornelius – BLIND

Check out thgpis great new single from a new artists, AlgernonCornelius‘ ‘Blind’.
This is a short but very sweet taster of what’s to come on Algernon’s forthcoming EP, ‘Happiness’.
‘Blind’ mixes up hip hop, glitch, future beats, jazz, electronica and more to create a unique, experimental slice of forward thinking music. The single also includes an ‘accidental’ dub version in the form of ‘Blind 96’.
With ‘Happiness’ being the young producers debut EP, 2015 will see more to follow and we definitely look forward to hearing more. You can also check out AC’s regular Gumbo mix tapes on the Instinctive Peoples mixcloud page. One to watch for sure!

Strange U – The Cake Is A Lie

strangeThe futuristic, alien sounds of Strange U are back with a brand new video. “The Cake Is A Lie” is the first single from their forthcoming EP, and if this is anything to go by the EP will be off the hook. Actually I’ve heard it and I can assure you, it is!
The Strange U crew have been kind enough to give “The Cake Is A Lie” away for free download. Some of the best hip hop to come out of the UK in ages, and it’s yours for free. Keep you eyes open for the EP.



The Jazz Jousters – New Genesis

Mijazzzllenium Jazz present the new album from The Jazz Jousters collective entitled, “New Genesis”. As you would imagine,  the album bring together some of the best modern, beat heavy jazz. Laid back grooves, dusty beats, future jazz beats, it’s all here. Featuring artists such as Gadget, SmokedBeats, DJ Mentos, Es-K and more, you can grab the limited edition CD release or digital release from the labels bandcamp page.



UMXSFLXWETICZ are a hip hop, soul duo hailing from Chicago. Taking influence from classic acts such as Digable Planets, Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, Outkast etc, their sound is a mix of laid back neo soul, underground hip hop, spoken word poetry with a hint to the LA beats scene.
Their latest offering, “U.G.S II (Undergrxund Sxuls Chapter II)” , mixes all these influences and sounds to great effect. Their sound washes over you, never drifting into the typical, commercial RnB sounds you are used to hearing from soul/hip hop groups. They stay true to their selves and their sound, mixing laid back Outkast, Pharcyde style singing with equally laid back rhyming. Check it out!

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