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Remi Rough – Symphony of Systematic Minimalism

Veteran UK graffiti artist Remi Rough has just released his brand new album “Symphony of Systematic Minimalism” on Vava Records.
On the album Remi explores the outer limits of electronic music, creating ambient soundscapes, along side synth driven old skool beats.
The album sounds like Massive Attack meets Board Of Canada via Kraftwerk and Brian Eno.
You can download the album now for free via the Vava Records website, we strongly suggest you do!


Mongrels – Low Budget/High Concept

Kid Acne mongrelsand Benjamin aka Mongrels return after a long hiatus with a brand new 6 track EP, “Low Budget/High Concept”.
The EP is exactly what we wanted to hear from the duo, old skool, chunky left-field beats, with tongue twisting, amusing without being over the top, smoothed out old skool rhymes.
Compared to Acne’s previous work, this has a slightly more serious tone, some tunes being quite melancholic but I think this adds to the flavour and makes for a more enjoyable listen.
The EP is out now direct from Kid Acne’s website on limited edition 10″ vinyl, only 300 in the world, with hand-pulled screenprinted sleeves all signed, numbered and embossed by Kid Acne and Benjamin. You can also purchase the digital version from now!


Kid Acne – The Birth Of Hip Hop

Dope art work, dope rhymes, dope DJ skills, dope video!

Mongrels – He Walks Barefoot

A link to this new Mongrels tune sneaked into my inbox on saturday afternoon, a real nice surprise it was to.
For those that don’t know, the Mongrels are a hip hop duo from Sheffield consisting of Benjamin and graffiti artist Kid Acne. Both have release solo material, Kid Acne has 3 albums under his belt, “Romance Ain’t Dead” on Lex Records, “Council Pop” and “Rap Traffic” both on the Invisible Spies label. Benjamin releasing the “Red Sun/Hero Theme” 7″  also on the Invisible Spies label, as well as being Ackers tour DJ.
Mongrels released two 7″ singles back in the early 2000, both with their unique, old skool, lo-fi take on hip hop, and now they are back!
Not only are the Kid and Benjamin back together, along with their on-going collaborator Req One, but they have also managed to pull Sebash out from the wilderness. Seb is better known as one half of 90’s  hip hop freak funkers, New Kingdom or as Truck Stop, who released a couple of singles on Wordsound.
The result is sounding proper fresh and has been on constant rotation, I just hope this means the Mongrels have more for us to come!

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