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Chairman Maf – Paint

UK producepaintr Chairman Maf is back with his brand new album, ‘Paint’.
Last year saw the release of his second instrumental  album, ‘1976’, he has worked with Dirty Dike, Kingpin, Inja, Skuff, StakkaLyrics, Big Cakes, Skillit as well as the recent EP with Cyclonious called ‘The Hostile Leadership’.
‘Paint’ draws heavily on soul, cinematic sound scapes and raw boom bap hip hop. There is a real emotional feel to the music on offer here, with many of the tracks dealing with the introspective themes such as love, life and relationships.  It is definitely refreshing to hear hip hop music based around heart felt emotions rather than money, sex and partying.
Chairman Maf treads the ground between DJ Shadows heavy drums and J Dilla’s soulful grooves, hard enough for all the hard core heads, but with enough soul and smoothness it will appeal to listeners out side the grimey hip hop fans.
‘Paint’ is available now on limited edition cassette release on Brainfood Records, or digitally direct from Mafs bandcamp page.
Definitely one for all the head nodders to check out, you won’t be dissapointed!



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