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Funky DL – Incognito In Soho

Funky DL returns with a fully instrumental album, “Incognito In Soho”. Here the UK vet mixes up super nice, laid back jazzy vibes, with solid head nodding hip hop beats. This is instrumental hip hop for all those “real” boom bap fans out there.
With each track crafted as a fresh landscape for this project, this cohesive listening experience of 10 tracks in under 40 minutes showcases Funky DL’s unmatched ability to curate beats and samples through layering, comprehensive filtering and effortless whilst meticulous arrangement. Many beat-makers release beat-tapes compiling old and second-rate throw away music from their archives, but DL’s approach here is no different from when he is preparing to produce new music for his vocal work; only the best beats will do. This one of the fundamental reasons that Funky DL has been for so long considered a global treasure in Jazz and Hip-Hop production. ‘Incognito In Soho’ intends to take the listener through various emotive states from the lament of “The Glimmer of Nightfall”, to the excitement of “Gallery of Glass”, as well as the contrasts in “Turbulent Serenity”, each track allows the listener to lose themselves into the exploration of the night; as if they were ‘Incognito In Soho’.
Buy it now from Funky DL’s bandcamp page, and check out the video to “The Glimmer of Nightfall”.



Pete Sasqwax & Madslo – ADSR

Pete Sasqwax and Madslo have joined forces to create a new cassette release, “ADSR”. Out now on I Had An Accident records, each producer takes 20 minutes to show case their own brands of hard hitting, dirty, dusty, heavy as hell beats. In both cases, the joint tape is some of the producers best work to date. Truly eerie, atmospheric, head nodding and entertaining.
Grab the limited cassette or download now!

Aver – Die Berlin Dateien

The Natural Curriculum producer Aver releases his first fully instrumental album “Die Berlin Dateien” on Village Live Records soon. Having been a fan of Avers production for sometime now (see the interview with the man himself here) this is highly exciting news!
You can pre-order the LP from July 27th but for now check out the promo video below and make sure to check out his pretty vast back catalogue here.
Its well worth it.


Buddy Peace – Whole House Freeze

Beat master Bubuddyddy Peace is back with a brand new EP, “Whole House Freeze”. Consisting of 11 tracks in total, the EP is packed full of Buddy’s signature chunky beats and these are super chunky! There is a real bluesy feel to the tracks, cutting up roaring vocals and raw guitar licks, over bone rattling drums, this is definitely one of our favourite Buddy Peace releases in awhile.
All fans of Mr Peace’s previous work will love this, as will all beats and breaks fans. “Whole House Freeze” is up now for Name Your Price release so you have no excuse not to have this in your lives!

Gas-Lab – Chemistry

Check out the new video from Argentinian producer and multi instrumentalist Gas-Lab. “Chemistry” is taken from the forthcoming album “Fusion”, which features an exciting lineup of MC’s, from USA, Canada, Spain, UK, South America and more. Released March 8th on Village Live Records, you can pre-order the album from March 1st.

Telemachus – Locust

Master of the beats, Telemachus is back with the new single, “Locust”. Taken from the forthcoming album, “In Morocco”, more on that very soon, the single shows a new direction in Telemachus’ sound. Mixing traditional African instrumentation with heavy 808 kicks, the single bridges the gap between hip hop, dancehall and electronica. The digital single also comes with a tasty remix from Henry Wu. Grab it now and peep the video too.

Daryl Donald – Kept

donaldDaryl Donald is a young producer from Edinburgh, he’s been locked away honing his skills and is now giving us “Kept”. This is an album of really tight instrumental hip hop, leaning from dusty, jazzy mellow styles, to more electronic Brainfeeder influenced material. No mater where it sits, it keeps your head nodding that’s for sure. If any thing, I would say some of the tracks for this 10 track release, are slightly too short for my liking, they could roll on for longer, but that’s a minor thing.
This is a great debut release, perfect for those sunny days we, hopefully, have to look forward soon.
Grab it now for free download.


Aesop Rock – The Blob

aesopAesop Rock has just released the instrumental album “The Blob” for free download, yep all yours for free. Here’s what the man himself had to say about the album –
“”The Blob is 32 minutes of beats & sounds that have otherwise been orphaned by their hell-bound father. It is largely unmixed and occasionally offensive. James Lynch played bass on the one that sounds like an elf orgy. Allyson Baker played guitar on the last one. Mastered by Joey Raia.”
Download your copy for free, now!

Silver Man – Thieves and Millionaires

silvermanSilver Man aka David Silverman, first making music back in his early 20’s, however he put his love of beats on hold to build up a one of the UK best PR companies, Outpost Media. Having made a success within the PR world, David has now returned to his first love, music.
“Analogue X” is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album, “Thieves and Millionaires” and sets the tone nicely.
“Thieves…” isn’t going to be breaking any new ground, but that is no bad thing. This is an album packed full of dusty beats in the classic trip hop tradition. Taking influences from jazz, folk, hip hop, cinematic soundtracks and more. It is a journey through many moods, the jazzy opening track, “Strike 3” is a real head nodder, with its funky keys and heavy bass lines. Things get more down beat and moody, however I wouldn’t say this is a dark album, if anything “Thieves and Millionaires” is best enjoyed with the sun blazing.
If you are a fan of artists such as DJ Krush, RJD2, Bonobo, or just like your beats laid back and funky, this album is a must for you. “Thieves and Millionaires” is out later this on 3 Bar Fire, but for now check out the video for “Analogue X”.

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