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Tobacco – Ripe & Majestic (Instrumental Rarities & Unreleased Beats)

Tobacco releases “Ripe & Majestic”, a new album of rare instrumentals and unreleased tracks recorded between 2007 and 2017.
These include instrumental versions of tracks by Beans, the instrumentals of remixes of people such as Sole, The Go Team, Dirty Ghosts and other unused beats and outtakes.
All the tracks on offer are unmistakably Tobacco, they have his signature sound, but all work perfectly as stand alone instrumental tracks. This is heavy, grinding, sometimes brutal electronic beat music, taking in influence from psychedlia, indie rock, hip hop and god knows what else, but it works and works well.
Out August 25th Red Cult Records.


Mutant Wildlife – Transmutation EP

mutantMutant Wildlife are a instrumental, deep funk, soul band with a psychedelic edge coming straight put of Amsterdam. Taking their influences from obscure soul and funk bands of late 60’s, early 70’s they bring the real, raw soul into the modern age.
“Transmutation” is their brand new EP featuring 5 tracks of instrumental heat and some super nice art work to boot!
Available now in digital form via bandcamp and their is a 2 track 7″ version available direct from the bands website. If you love your funk, soul with a slightly darker twist, then you need this EP!

John Pain – Darkness Floats

johnpainJohn Pain has released his debut album, “Darkness Floats” as a limited CD and digital release. Knowing John from his dj mixes under the name DJ Pain, I thought I knew what to expect but it turns out I was wrong…well not completely wrong.
I expected dark, heavy sounds, crunching beats, and an overall brooding atmosphere, which I got, however I did not expect it to be played out on live instruments.
All the tracks are written by Pain himself but he has enlisted John Wagner of The Skyrider Band to play drums and Erik Nava of Egadz and Satellites on the guitar and keys, and I have to say the finished sound is immense.
It’s hip hop, it’s psych, stoner rock, doom rock, experimental, raw beats, the list goes on.
But rather me go on trying to evoke the albums sound in type, just go get yourself a copy and find out for yourself, its well worth it. Do it quick and you can bag yourself the strictly limited CD version with its super tasty artwork. Do it!

Dor – House Keeping

dorDor are an electronic duo from the US, consisting of John Rutherford and Jacob Worden. They are first and foremost a live band, playing bass and drums, but add a mix of electronic, glitchy, ambient soundscapes to create a highly interesting sound.
“House Keeping” is the bands latest release available now from their bandcamp page. The album has a nice lo-fi feel to it, they are a band using electronics, avoiding a purely synthetic sound, giving tracks a dirty, gritty feel while still full of emotion.
To give some kind of reference point, they in ways remind me of Holy Fuck, Battles, you can hear krautrock influence, and of course a big electronica influence. Worth checking out, without a doubt.

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