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Mongrels – Attack The Megalith Remix EP

Mongrels are back with a special remix EP, taking tracks from their excellent “Attack The Monolith” LP, a definite highlight of last year, and giving them a new twist.
“Attack The Megalith” is curated and compiled by frontman Kid Acne, who has enlisted friends and extended family to pick up the mantle of beat duties.
Remixes come from Third Person Lurkin, Juga-Naut, ex-Attica Blues member Charlie Dark, Sam Zircon, Hash Fingers, and King Kashmere (who also appears vocally). The two remixes really doing it for us are the electro stomp of “Skeleton Drums” by Skint Records main man Damien Harris aka Midfield General and the gritty, dirt filled distortion of “You Dig Raps pt2” by Blah Records producer Morriachi.
Coming in a hand printed sleeve with an exclusive enamel badge and embroidered patch with each order, grab this while you can! Pre-order now from Kid Acne’s website and check out the groups Soundcloud page for previews.


Mongrels – Attack The Monolith

“Attack The MONGRELS_ATTACK_album_coverMonolith” has been years in the making, but it’s well worth the wait. Fans of Kid Acne’s previous work, this is the album you’ve always been waiting for. Taking Acne’s unique rhyming styles, mixing them with Benjamins lo-fi, crunchy old skool influenced beats, add New Kingdoms Sebash into the mix as a honorary Monrgel (he appear on 10 out of the 12 tracks here) and you are in for one hell of a bugged out hip hop ride!
There is an old skool feel to this album, but the Mongrels aren’t stuck in the past, nor would I call this weird or left-field as such. “Attack The Monolith” is the sound of two well versed b-boy’s who aren’t afraid to do things their own way, Kid Acne and Benjamin just out there doing their thing. I doubt they could sound different if they tried, the DIY, lo-fi, punk rock styles are ingrained in their DNA and it’s all the better for it. Kid Acne provides many a pop culture reference, giving mention to anything from Phantom of the Paradise and The Wicker to Lenny Henry’s Crucial FM, making you smile without sounding like a joke or coming off corny.
As well as Sebash, the album boasts guest spots from two of the UK finest, Juice Aleem appears on the gravelly head knodder “Man From Atlantis” and Strange U’s Lord Roa lays down knowledge on “You Dig Raps Pt.2” and “Underground Dwellers”.
The whole album is the perfect example of how to make killer music, not being concerned with what or how people say hip hop should sound, just doing things your own way, chucking it out there and seeing what happens. We need more albums like this out there, especially in the UK hip hop world. Definitely a contender for album of the year!
Digital is available from the 27/05/16 from iTunes and pre-order your vinyl copy HERE

Mongrels – Full Moon/Half Moon

The MongrMongrels moonels return with the first single from their forthcoming album, “Attack the Monolith” set for release May 6th.
For now grab the “Full Moon/Half Moon” single for free download featuring the stripped back dub version “Half Moon” and “Full Moon (Part 2)” featuring the vocal talents of UK veteran ScorZayZee.
This adds to the Mongrels excellent slew of releases this year, and we eagerly await the release of the album, with guest spots from Juice Aleem, Sebastian Laws and Lord Rao (Strange U).  Looking set to be one of the highlights of 2016!

Mongrels – You Dig Raps?

mongrelsKid Acne and Benjamin aka Mongrels return with a new 7″ “You Dig Raps?”.
The single is a double A-side with the lo-fi banger, “You Dig Raps” backed with electro tinged “Combat Divers (Scotty Hard Remix)”.
Yep, thats right, Scotty Hard the producer of seminal freaky hip hop funksters New Kingdom. Not only has Scotty Hard remixed “Combat Divers”, the track also features Sebash from the group on vocals, alongside Kid Acne.
Limited to 200 copies grab your copy now while its hot!

Mongrels – Chokehold

Check out the new video for the Mongrels (Kid Acne & Benjamin) new track, “Chokehold”. This is the lead track taken from the forth-coming, “Low Budget/High Concept” EP.
Pre-order the EP now HERE it is limited to 300 copies, so get in there quick!

Podcast No.5 – Chips For The Poor

CFTP podcast picThe Left Hand Sides 5th podcast is here! We are happy to welcome our very special guests Chips For The Poor.
Scott and Michael (Chips for the Poor) got fresh on the double H-ill and come up with a cookie crumbling mix for yur ear (w.w.w)holes.
In contrast to the previous guest podcast, this is a blend of punk, off-beat rock, psychedelic rock, spacey prog, alternative rock, hip hop and more. A real  interesting and eclectic mix, just what we like to hear at TLHS.
Make sure you check out Chips For The Poor and the rest of the Invisible Spies clan.

C U Next Tuesday Records


Before they were Invisible Spies, Kid Acne, Chips For The Poor, Mongrels and crew were releasing records on their CU Next Tuesday Records imprint. They have just put the back catalogue up for FREE download on bandcamp. Go check out some weird and wonderful music.

Chips For The Poor

Chips For The Poor have been showing TheLeftHandSide a lot of love recently, so we wanted to do the same back. This single “Fistula” came out a few months back, but we are still loving it, so have a gander and check out their website for more info!

Mongrels – He Walks Barefoot

A link to this new Mongrels tune sneaked into my inbox on saturday afternoon, a real nice surprise it was to.
For those that don’t know, the Mongrels are a hip hop duo from Sheffield consisting of Benjamin and graffiti artist Kid Acne. Both have release solo material, Kid Acne has 3 albums under his belt, “Romance Ain’t Dead” on Lex Records, “Council Pop” and “Rap Traffic” both on the Invisible Spies label. Benjamin releasing the “Red Sun/Hero Theme” 7″  also on the Invisible Spies label, as well as being Ackers tour DJ.
Mongrels released two 7″ singles back in the early 2000, both with their unique, old skool, lo-fi take on hip hop, and now they are back!
Not only are the Kid and Benjamin back together, along with their on-going collaborator Req One, but they have also managed to pull Sebash out from the wilderness. Seb is better known as one half of 90’s  hip hop freak funkers, New Kingdom or as Truck Stop, who released a couple of singles on Wordsound.
The result is sounding proper fresh and has been on constant rotation, I just hope this means the Mongrels have more for us to come!

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