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Jazz Spastiks – Scratch and Sniff

The Jazz Spastiks are back with a new album, “Scratch and Sniff”. The group currently have a crowdfunding campaing set up to raise money to be able to press up the album along with a book where each track has its own smell.
Each song on the album is based on a smell… banana, chocolate, spray paint, bubblegum and lots more! Whilst listening you can follow along with the included book, turn the page when you hear the chimes.
Every track has it’s own page in the book featuring a special scratch and sniff panel. As you listen you can smell the associated scent.
The album is the perfect mix of scratch heavy, jazzy, summer vibes with funky head nodding beats and a large dose of humour thrown in for good measure.
Pledge your money here and get a taster from the video below.


Jazz Spastiks – Tapes

The Jazz Spasjazztiks are back with a new singe, ‘Tapes’.
‘Tapes’ features Rebels To The Grain and is exactly what you’d expect, high quality, smooth, head nodding boom bap hip hop. The new track may not break any new ground, but it sounds sweet and that’s all that really matters isn’t it.
Download it now for free via bandcamp.

Jazz Spastiks – ‘The Product’ Remixes

JazzThe Jazz Spastiks released their excellent, “The Product” album earlier this year, taking things back to the classic sampled based hip hop sound.
Now they unleased “The Product Remixes” album. Taking the albums vocal tracks, featuring Sach, Lady Bug Mecca,Moka Only, Yesh, Apani B Fly and Count Bass D, and giving them a new twist and re-fix.
Available now on CD and in conjunction with Dusty Platter, on limited black and blue vinyl 12″ available HERE.

Jazz Spastiks – The Product

jazzUK hip hop producers, Jazz Spastiks have just unleashed their debut album, “The Product”. Jazz Spastiks have been around for a while now, more recent rumbles have seen the free digital singles featuring Count Bass D and Apani B Fly. Both single are featured on the album, but this is no bad thing.
“The Product” is an excellent album, for those of us who love their beats funky, full of jazz and soul, expanding on that early 90’s, “golden era” sound.
The Spastiks (that doesn’t sound very pc, does it) have enlisted the help of some extremely talented MC’s. Kicking things off we have Sach from The Nonce, I have to say I was hyped to see his name on the CD as I’m a big fan of The Nonce and Sach’s solo work and I’m glad to say he doesn’t disappoint on the “Power Of The Tongue”. Then there’s the return of Yesh from Siah and Yeshua, always liked them so it’s definitely good to hear him back on the mic. Then there are the two previously mentioned, Apani B Fly laying down on a laid back love tale and Count Bass D doing his smooth mellow thing, as good as ever. Canadian rapper Moka Only comes in on “Frequency”  with his unique style and to close the album we have Ladybug Mecca from the Digable Planets flowing over a super tasty, laid back, sunshine fulled beat that fits her style and voice perfectly. The UK producers have certainly done a great job of knowing which beats to use for which MC’s, you can’t fault them.
In between all these vocal tracks are some super funky instrumental tracks, with plenty of cutting and scratching, showing they don’t always need an MC to rock the house. My only criticism is these instrumental tracks are mainly very short cuts, making them, at times seem more like fillers between the vocal tracks. This is a shame as these producers know how to make a great instrumental track, this is only a minor issue though, as the album flows perfectly as a whole.
I think the Jazz Spastiks have made a triumphant album, they have honed their skills and come up with the goods. Weather you miss the early 90’s hip hop sound or just like to hear funky beats with great MC, you need this album in your collection. Plus there’s a limited edition with some funky collectors cards too!

Jazz Spastiks – Delicious feat. Count Bass D

jazzspazUK producers the Jazz Spastiks, have teamed up with the legendary Count Bass D for this funky little number entitled, “Delicious”.
The Count laces this jazzy mellow track with his effortless, smooth, laid back flow, proving his style is truly delicious.
This digital single features the original jazzy version and the remix, still super jazzy but has a bit more of a bump to it. Grab it now for free!

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