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Podcast No.8 – Jose Bee

JosePodcast number 8 is finally with us! Apologies for being a bit on the quiet side over the last week, I was at Glastonbury having a great time, more on that to come.
But in the mean time the man with the plan from Scotland (that kind of rhymes), Mr Jose Bee has put together a fantastic podcast for us. Its part mix part radio show, with the man himself giving some pearls of wisdom and just general chat about the tunes, always nice to hear.
Make sure to check out Jose Bee and The Mix Kings for all your top quality hip hop needs.

Podcast No.8 – Jose Bee

Jose Bee – HVW8 CR8


Scotland’s finest Jose Bee has just put out his new album “HVW8 CR8” via The Mixkings bandcamp page.
The album or beat tape, well beat mp3, is 16 tracks long and stocked full of tough, funky, classic beats. Sampled filled tracks, taking inspiration from the golden era of hip hop, but never sounding dated or boring, this is great stuff. Perfect for MC’s and DJ’s to play with, and its all yours for free!

Don’t sleep on the rest of Mixkings Records output, each release is quality.


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