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Mongrels – Attack The Monolith

“Attack The MONGRELS_ATTACK_album_coverMonolith” has been years in the making, but it’s well worth the wait. Fans of Kid Acne’s previous work, this is the album you’ve always been waiting for. Taking Acne’s unique rhyming styles, mixing them with Benjamins lo-fi, crunchy old skool influenced beats, add New Kingdoms Sebash into the mix as a honorary Monrgel (he appear on 10 out of the 12 tracks here) and you are in for one hell of a bugged out hip hop ride!
There is an old skool feel to this album, but the Mongrels aren’t stuck in the past, nor would I call this weird or left-field as such. “Attack The Monolith” is the sound of two well versed b-boy’s who aren’t afraid to do things their own way, Kid Acne and Benjamin just out there doing their thing. I doubt they could sound different if they tried, the DIY, lo-fi, punk rock styles are ingrained in their DNA and it’s all the better for it. Kid Acne provides many a pop culture reference, giving mention to anything from Phantom of the Paradise and The Wicker to Lenny Henry’s Crucial FM, making you smile without sounding like a joke or coming off corny.
As well as Sebash, the album boasts guest spots from two of the UK finest, Juice Aleem appears on the gravelly head knodder “Man From Atlantis” and Strange U’s Lord Roa lays down knowledge on “You Dig Raps Pt.2” and “Underground Dwellers”.
The whole album is the perfect example of how to make killer music, not being concerned with what or how people say hip hop should sound, just doing things your own way, chucking it out there and seeing what happens. We need more albums like this out there, especially in the UK hip hop world. Definitely a contender for album of the year!
Digital is available from the 27/05/16 from iTunes and pre-order your vinyl copy HERE


Juice Aleem – Warriors

The one andjic only Juice Aleem returns with the first track from his forthcoming album, “Voodu Starchild”.
“Warriors” is an upbeat electronic, grimey track packed full of energy and Juice’s unique vocal talents. Not one to be afraid of experimentation and new challenges, the album features contributions from Mike Ladd, Roots Manuva, Blackitude, HPrizm and more. If “Warriors” is anything to go by, the album is going to be well worth the wait!
You can pre-order “Voodu Starchild” from Gamma Proforma now and download “Warriors” for free HERE.

Juice Aleem – AnuMal Video

Check out the excellent new video for Juice Aleems “AnuMal”. Taken from the “MoorKaBa LightBikes/AnuMal – EP” released earlier this year, the video is directed by Wezism enhances this great track perfectly.

Juice Aleem Interview

Forjuice aleem our first ever interview we had the privilege of catching up with hip hop legend Juice Aleem.
With his latest single, “MoorKaBa LightBikes” out now on Spinning Compass Records, and a new album set for release in the near future, Juice took time out to answer a few questions from the left side.

For those that don’t know, how would describe your music and your rhyming style?
“For those that don’t know my music is way cool, filled with drug shoot-outs and groupie love.  Life is my basic influence for writing and musically: it’s a mix of everything I’ve been into over the years from comics and broken hearts to police brutality and the initial hunger for new music and experiences. My style is all the above.”

Personally, right now is a pretty good time for UK hip hop, musically, if not financially. There’s a whole load of artists out there creating their own unique vision of what we call “hip hop”, Strange U, Aspects, label mates HLI etc. You have always seemed to be slightly leftfield of the hip hop community in this country, not relying on the clichés or lazy rap formula’s. Was this a natural thing, or is standing out on your own a deliberate choice you made?
“Any differences I have as a musician are due to other peoples perspectives. Comparisons can be destructive so it’s a good thing most people see me as ‘leftfield’ but it’s not really a thing I aim for. I’m unique by definition and only realised how much so as things in Rap world have become more generic.  It’s always been a good time to make music and the only real problem is trying to make a living out of it. Glad there’s sum interesting stuff out there and I hope listeners find me interesting enough to take notice and become a supporter of my music. Like a lot of things, my sound is a mix of nature and nurture”

I know you are a music lover, not only hip hop. I have seen you talking about Bad Brains and other bands, what other music do you enjoy?
“I like and listen to a lot of different musics but I go through phases where I might not even listen to that much for months, especially when I’m writing, to going out of my way to listen to what’s out there. Those journeys take me from Grime to Ethiopian Jazz. I really wished the Testicicles made more music.”

How are you influenced by other forms of music, other than hip hop?
“Into a lot of musics but I came up on Reggae, Soul, Jazz and whatever else my parents played in the house. My own adventures took me to seeing what Hip Hop is and further delving into Funk, Rock, speeches and things like The Specials, The Last Poets, Sun Ra and later on bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, Soundgarden and Rub Ultra. I’m inspired by things like when I first REALLY sat down and listened to Bad Brains at a friends yard and then saw the album cover…It’s things like that, like hearing all those wailing guitars and screaming and seeing the picture with these ital Rastas looking like a lost Sunsplash backing band.  That and hearing Public Enemy really changed my perceptions of what a Black artist IS and what Black music was and could be. I’m highly influenced by the struggle for Freedom and Justice, struggle, real life and what it can be. From there it’s just been about finding and redefining self.”

What films/books have influenced you?
“Cliche as it is I’m big on Martial Art films and those have opened me to a totally different world history and moral code. It’s the classics that still get me such as Prodigal Son. Leung Jan is a proud young man who has studied many martial art styles and is respected all over town for his great skill and courage.  It’s only when he meets a reluctant master of Wing Chun that he realizes that his skills are basic and his parents have been paying for his enemies to throw the fights.(you can see this a lot with modern music) He slowly learns the real deal with martials as philosophy and as reality.  it’s films like this that allow us to be able to humble ourselves.”

You currently have a new single and video out, what can we expect from Juice Aleem in the future?
“MoorKaBa LightBikes is out right now indeed. New label, new direction. It’s a wake up for the album which is due out in a few months and what you can expect from me is more of the unexpected. In the last few years I’ve been touring with Mike Ladd & Damali as The Infesticons, making short films such as The Fitz-Caymen Experiment and voicing characters in Kid Acne’s animated Channel 4 show ZebraFace. i aim to keep this up and tour these songs far and wide.”

Any chance of another New Flesh album?
“More New Flesh is possible.  we had a few meetings and made a few tunes.  Just waiting for the right time.”

Do you believe in rock n roll?
“It’s funny, as a younger the words Rock & Roll meant Elvis or Bon Jovi, now due to study those words make me think of Chuck Berry or Sister Rosetta Tharpe.  Im a Believer, God gave Rock & Roll to ya”

How many MCs must get dissed?
“As many needs be but people gotta understand MC’s aint the best or worst of society, we can’t blame them for all the degradation, sexism and wackness out there… Lil Wayne obviously don’t like Black women as dark as he is but where did he get that from? we diss the MC’s after we hit the higher ups”

What would you eat if you knew it was your last day?
“I’d try sumthing I never had before. Maybe sumthing from another planet.”

Any shout outs or thoughts you’d like to add?
“Keep listening and remember what you can give of yourself to those around you. Peace”

Massive thanks to Juice Aleem for taking time out to answer our questions and to Elai Immortal and all the Spinning Compass crew.
Produced by Roots Manuva, “MoorKaBa LightBikes” is out now, BUY IT!!!!

Juice Aleem – MoorKaBa Light Bikes

One of the UK’s finest, Juice Aleem is back with a brand new single and video, “MoorKaBa Light Bikes”. The single, produced by Roots Manuva, is available now from Spinning Compass Records. More on Juice Aleem to come…


HLI – Omniglyph

Coming straight out of Birmingham, hip hop duo HLI are bringing a breath of fresh air to the UK hip hop scene. They mix futuristic, electronic beats with intelligent, forward thinking lyrics. The “Omniglyph” EP, released on Spinning Compass Records, consists of 6 brand new tracks and 6 remixes. Remix duties are handled by, amongst others, Kashmere, Mike Ladd & The Infesticons and Thavius Beck, impressive line-up I must say!
Musically, you can hear hints of dubstep, grime, along with left field hip hop and electronica, creating an interesting and entertaining mixture. If I have to compare them to anyone, HLI”s sound reminds me of New Flesh, which may be no surprise as Juice Aleem features on “Opus Day”.
Rappers, Elai Immortal and Sensei C, come through with hard uncompromising rhymes, all delivered with their own unique styles with real intelligence. Even when they are double timing at break neck speed, you know this isn’t just your typical ten a penny rapper spitting bars, these guys have honed their skills,  love the art and truly believe in what they are saying.
If you are after something different coming from these shores, or just love good hip hop/music, make sure you check out HLI, you won’t regret it.

The Fitz-Caymen Experiment

In the year 2018 Professor Maximillion Sykes and the Spectral Enterprises team sought to find a solution to the Earth’s many energy problems.
The future is now…

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