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King Rhythm – Rock Star Dementia

kingWe recently featured King Rhythm’s hip hop tribute to David Bowie, “Bowie In Space”. Now you can get his latest full length album, “Rock Star Dementia” for free via bandcamp.
The album continues in the same vein as “Bowie In Space”, mixing up left-field hip hop with classic alternative rock influences. This mix of influences has created a truly unique sound, it’s like a punk rock, hip hop, new wave, psych out fest. Sound interesting? It is.
Clocking in at a concise 28 minutes, there’s method in Rhythms madness, “Part of the concept was to work with some of my favorite classic rock artists/ songs, so I composed the tracks with samples from Syd Barrett, David Bowie, The Who, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Nico, Bob Dylan, & The Byrds.  I also have some Rock & Roll Documentary Interviews and movie samples sprinkled here and there to round it out.”
This is definitely an album for fans of experimental music, boundary pushing hip hop (think Anticon), and music that isn’t just simply the normal, same old same old. Even better it’s all yours for free. Grab it now.

King Rhythm – Bowie In Space

Ever think you hear a rap song about David Bowie? Me neither, but thanks to King Rhythm the world now has one. Pretty off-key and bizarre, but you know we like that kind of thing round here, “Bowie In Space” is the lead single from KR’s forthcoming album, “Rock Star Demetia”. 
KR discribes the reasons and meaning behind the song, “With many rappers being somebody else today, I thought I would throw my hat into the ring or in this case my mask and be David Bowie. Ok, it actually is a bit deeper than that.  The song is a biographical accounting of a period in his life, from childhood, to his beginnings as a musician, through Ziggy Stardust, up until his Berlin phase.  It is a reflection on his triumphs as well as challenges, all rapped in 1st person.  Seriously, who has ever done this?”
Download the track for free from King Rhythms bandcamp page, and check out the video too.

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