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LongDistanceDan – The Dust Man Stirs

Yes, finally LongDistanceDan’s debut full length album, “The Dust Man Stirs” is available for download.
Carrying on from where his 2015, “The Other Side Of The Sky” left off, the album is a heavy mix of lo-fi, raw beats. Taking influence from raw funk, lo-fi hip hop, psychedelia, garage rock, library music and more, here is what people have been saying already –

“There seems to be some kind of crazy interference on my headset….nope…you’ve tuned into the psychedelic sound of Long Distance Dan. The Dust Man Stirs a pot filled to the brim with eclectic beats and sound textures. Moving between the electronic and the analogue, between downtempo trip-hop and speed psyche-beat. Strange variations found here for your third ear…” Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser)
“Sounds great!” Boca 45
“Dan’s beats are imaginative and intriguing, you never know what is going to come next!” Jonny Cuba (Soundsci)
“This shits dope man! It’s gotta cool sequence to it, well mixed and knockin. Good drums” Walter Gross 
“Sounds good man, I like those drums!!! Keep the nastiness alive” Psychopop (Skrapez/Gonjasufi)
“It’s freaky cinematic, deep psych bangers. There’s some track I absolutely love, massive breaks, dirty bass lines and a weirdness to it all that’s really cool.” Tom Caruana (Son Of Sam/Tea Sea Records) 
“It’s a dope piece of art” Jason Furlow (New Kingdom) 

The album is fully instrumental apart from two tracks, “Rescue You” which features Icelandic forward thinking hip hoppers Cryptochrome and “After Omega”. A hard edged, garage rock howler featuring Sam Crick, formally of Brighton ska, punk, garage band Wilf. The awesome album artwork is provided by Sun Moth.
The album is out now for Name Your Price download via the Dusted Industries bandcamp page.

True Deceiver – True Deceiver


True Deceiver is the new project from lo-fi beatsmith Cars & Trains. The man himself had this to say –
“True Deceiver is something I’ve wanted to do for years: heavy, baritone guitar driven music sitting on a bed of electronic sludge and melodies, inspired by long time favourites like Godflesh, My Bloody Valentine, and Killing Joke. It’s all totally out of my comfort zone and I’m really excited to share it with you, finally.”
This is an excellent mix of shoe gazer, post rock, shoe gazer, drone, guitar lead music that is definitely worth a listen. Available now for free download!

Water Mostly – The Less The Better Said

waterWater Mostly is back with the new EP, “The Less The Better Said”. Once again mixing up lo-fi sounds with equally lo-fi, sung vocals, it makes for a great little EP and an interesting listen.
5 tracks long one of my favourite songs from the EP is, “Roundabouts”, which sound like The Beta Band if they were produced by El-P. The track is actually produced by The Moonrakers, not sure who they are but I’m guessing they are part of the Ghost Locust crew.
“You Choose” is the centre piece of the EP and possibly the most well-rounded song on here, with a skippy beat, edging toward a drum n bass sound. The accapella is also up for download for all you producers out there to have a play with.
I’m really liking this EP, it sounds good, but also I like the fact there is someone out there making music like this. It’s very lo-fi, home-made, fuzzy, a bit out there and all the better for it. My one complaint would be, there’s not enough of it! But lets hope there’s more to come. Grab it now for free download.

Jon & Joe – The Sleep Walkers Companion

JOn“The Sleep Walkers Companion” is the new EP from Brightons Jon Clark and Joe, well not sure who Joe is. For what this EP lacks in quality of recording, it makes up for with interesting and unusual sound. What makes it’s more interesting is the concept behind the recording – “This recording is a game me and Joe started playing where we write a song in 15 minutes then spit it straight away, recording on hand-held mics with the beat rocking in the room.”
The result it a lo-fi, electro, off the wall collection of hip hop tracks, covering a number of topics not usual heard on your average UK hip hop release.
Along with some nice artwork from graf legend Req, the EP is out now!

Dor – House Keeping

dorDor are an electronic duo from the US, consisting of John Rutherford and Jacob Worden. They are first and foremost a live band, playing bass and drums, but add a mix of electronic, glitchy, ambient soundscapes to create a highly interesting sound.
“House Keeping” is the bands latest release available now from their bandcamp page. The album has a nice lo-fi feel to it, they are a band using electronics, avoiding a purely synthetic sound, giving tracks a dirty, gritty feel while still full of emotion.
To give some kind of reference point, they in ways remind me of Holy Fuck, Battles, you can hear krautrock influence, and of course a big electronica influence. Worth checking out, without a doubt.

Hezus – Journey’s End In Lovers Meeting

The excellenthezuz label, Six Ton Armor, known for specialising in psychedelic, beat heavy podcasts from some of the best artists in the business, unleash the brand new single from Hezus.
Hezus are a wife & husband duo from San Diego, CA: Ian (Drums/Vox/Guitar/Bass/ Sounds) and Doreen de Cerbo (Keys/Vox/Perc/Sounds), their sound is lo-fi, beat driven, tripped out psychedelic rock with a real authentic feel. Released on limited 7″ single, the bands first vinyl outing, it comes in a lovely silkscreened cover designed by Superheights.
Have a listen below, and then go and order the single HERE be quick, these won’t be around for long!

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