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Welcome To Zamrock Vol 1 & 2

Now Again records are at it again. Yes we have not one, but two new excellent compilations of the best vintage Zamrock music out there.
By the mid-1970s, the Southern African nation known as the Republic of Zambia had fallen on hard times. Though the country’s first president Kenneth Kaunda had thrown off the yoke of British colonialism, the new federation found itself under his self-imposed, autocratic rule. Conflict loomed on all sides of this landlocked nation. Kaunda protected Zambia from war, but his country descended into isolation and poverty.
This is the environment in which the ’70s rock revolution that has come to be known as Zamrock flourished. Fuzz guitars were commonplace, as were driving rhythms as influenced by James Brown’s funk as
Jimi Hendrix’s rock predominated. Musical themes, mainly sung in the country’s constitutional language, English, were often bleak.
In present day Zambia, Zamrock markers were few. Only a small number of the original Zamrock godfathers that remained in the country survived through the late ’90s. AIDS decimated this country, and uncontrollable inflation forced the Zambian rockers that could afford to flee into something resembling exile. This was not a likely scene to survive – but it did.
‘Welcome To Zamrock!’, presented in two volumes, is an overview of its most beloved ensembles, and a trace of its arc from its ascension, to its fall, to its resurgence.
Out now on LP, digital and 103-page hard cover book with CD from Now Again.

Function Underground: The Black and Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974

The Great Divide between R&B and rock n’ roll came after the Beatles and the British Invasion decimated the Top 40 chart in 1964. Simultaneously, R&B entered a new phase, soon to be labelled “soul,” which upped the music’s gospel quotient and turned its frantic twang. So somewhere in the mid to late-1960s, rock n’ roll became perceived as something for the Caucasian kids. When Jimi Hendrix and Arthur Lee made the scene, they were said to be black musicians entering into a white world. While that couldn’t be farther from the truth, that false dichotomy has existed in America’s popular conscious ever since, to the point where the idea of a black rock musician is on the level with the idea of a black cowboy.
This anthology presents earnest questions as to why we know so little about these bands and the movement of which they were a part. While we don’t anticipate that we’ll ever find a definitive answer as to what these ensembles’ true goals were, then, we do know that they took their charges seriously. And they knew they were onto something different, something that, though only they and their immediate kin might recognise it, was more interesting than the status quo. Function Underground shines light on an important and overlooked part of rock n’ roll’s history and talented ensembles that toiled in the shadows, derided by their peers.
Available to buy on CD, LP and digital now from Now Again Records.

Rob Thomsett – Yaraandoo/Hara

Now-Again are back with another rare re-issue, this time from Australian guitarist Rob Thomsett. Originally released as a private press LP in the mid 70’s, “Yaraandoo” and “Hara” are a blend of jazz and progressive rock both brought together on this excellent new re-issue.
Jazz rock is by no means an unheard combination, however Thomsett’s music has a unique sound, never fair from jazz and prog and even a library music feel (especially on the upbeat title track “Hara”), but there is also an underlying darker feel, giving great appeal to the modern beat lover. The short yet perfectly crafted, “Moulding of Red Earth” is a perfect example of this, sounding not dissimilar to something the Heliocentric’s might produce.Available now from Now-Again on LP and CD.

Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope

Now Agakalidescopein Records do it once again! One of the great psychedelic rock albums is finally back in print on vinyl in a band-licensed reissue.
It’s roots are in Puerto Rican teenage garage rockers; it was recorded in the Dominican Republic at the high-point of the flower power era; it was only ever pressed in a minuscule run in Mexico.
Now one of the most sought after rock artifacts on the planet, Kaleidoscope is remastered and reissued with an extensive, photo-filled booklet with the story of the band and their album by historian Enrique Rivas Viniegra. Every psychedelic rock fan needs to get a copy of this album, you know it makes sense!

Available now on digital and LP direct from Now Again or for those in the UK you can get your copy from Rap and Soul Mail Order.


Christophe Lemaire Presents – Can’t You Hear Me?

Globetrotter of parchristopheallel subcontinents and digger of rare, forgotten records, Eothen “Egon” Alapatt tracks sounds from the dawn of time to the four corners of the world. On the other side of the globe, French designer Christophe Lemaire stays forward thinking and audacious in his choices: far from our deified present, he cultivates a love of timeless designs and mixed influences; a passion for iconoclastic music hidden in the dark corners of a global cultural industry.
This extraordinary openness has been at the heart of their friendship since 2007. Their exceedingly eclectic, fierce rock discoveries gave birth to a first anthology, Where Are You From?  (Now-Again, 2010), the fruit of Lemaire’s excavating Alapatt’s archives. That was a postgeographic exploration in psych, rock and funk territories from 1968 to now; this second anthology celebrates their impressionist vision and explores garage rock from the 1970s, voicing the struggles of independence in Zambia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.
“Can’t You Hear Me” comes from a track by charismatic Zamrock icon Paul Ngozi, a Lemaire favorite. Ngozi’s title track sets the tone for a drastic selection of seventeen songs with rebellious undertones, riddled by an infectious groove, the forsaken writing about a forgotten chapter in the history of music. Ngozi,WITCH, Chrissy Zebby Tembo, Amanaz, Wells Fargo, Eye Q and the Funkees represent a generation fighting for their freedom, armed with fuzz guitars, symbolic objects of a new movement. They played in Fela’s kingly shadow, were influenced by Hendrix’s psychedelic solos, Jefferson Airplane’s penetrating chords and Cream’s repetitive melodies. The music of their colonial oppressors they reassembled and reinterpreted with pure energy, without nod to hymn or flag.
A halo of cosmic design and pure lines, the cover for the anthology by Sanghon Kim transports us in this whirling odyssey in space and time while composer/producer Pilooski concludes the album with an edit of WITCH’s “No Time,” an  xpression of the critical need to open up to new perspectives, new imaginations and to keep unearthing riches of our universal heritage.
“Through these tracks we can feel the communicative energy, this pure vitality, not only of Africa , but of youth and hope,” Lemaire states. “And I find it quite universal and timeless. It is not about music as an industry , or as product , but music as a craft . And one can immediately recognized when music is created with heart and soul.”
Released April 15th on Now Again Records take a listen below.



Connie Price And The Keystones – Wildflowers

Connie Price and the Keconnieystones are the Los Angeles musical group whose 7” releases kick started the Now-Again label way back in 2002 – and whose “Wildflowers” album was the first full length release by a new band on the label.
Wildflowers contained contributions by the Heliocentrics’ producer/drummer Malcolm Catto and Poets of Rhythm/Whitefield Brothers/Karl Hector & The Malcouns founder/guitarist Jay Whitefield. Now that Now-Again is the home to the previous ensembles and more, it seemed fitting to revisit where it all started, with an expanded version of the album that kick started it all.
The album includes previously unreleased Malcolm Catto tracks and tracks previously only available on out of print vinyl. This is without a doubt some seriously funky business and a must for anyone who loves heavy drums, funky licks and some jazzy out madness. A definite highlight is the super tough cover of Donovans “Get Thy Bearings”, I defy anyone not to get their low slung groove on to this beauty. Released April 15th on Now Again Records,  “Wildflowers” is definitely worth grabbing, even if you bought the original.

The Heliocentrics – Quatermass Sessions: From The Deep

The Heliocentrics return with a new instalment of jazzy laden funk, taking their sound to a new dimension.
Drawing on everything from psychedelia, space jazz, funk, and the beatier side of hip hop, “From The Deep” explores the more trippy side of the Heliocentrics sound. Moving things closer to the moon yet keeping their feet firmly on the ground.
Having toured with The Gaslamp Killer last year it’s no surprise that tracks on offer hear wouldn’t sound out of place on a GLK release and definitely not out of place in one of his DJ sets.
The Heliocentrics need no introduction but we suggest you all seek out this new album for a bit space aged funk. Out now on Now-Again Records.

Rodinia – Drumside Dreamside

NA5132-RODINIA-LP-sleeve_6.23.15.DKRodinia is the latest project from JJ Whitefield, the man behind Poets Of Rhythm, Whitefield Brothers and Karl Hector & The Malcouns.
This time round Whitefield has taken inspiration from Krautrock and the more experimental side of post-hip hop funk.
Whitefield,along with collaborator, saxophonist and keyboardist Johannes
Schleiermacher have created an ambient, drum filled suite of music covering two sides of an album.
“all our vintage synths triggering everying with a vintage Korg rhythm box, absorbing some mind altering substances and jamming out.” is how the two put it themselves.
This is a definite must for all fans of Whitefields previous projects, even if it is on the more experimental side of things, there is still plenty of funk and heavy beats in the mix.
But it now from Now Again Records.

4th Coming – Strange Things Anthology

NA 5124 4TH COMING Strange Things 1970-1974 CD

4th Coming – eccentric soul and funk recordings from an unlikely crew of Los Angeles musical misfits, including psych rock cult figure John Greek (Reachin’ Arcesia, Beautiful Daze) and members of the Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band.
The result is as strange, bugged out and funky as you would expect. The closest comparison I can muster would be Funkadelic, but the 4th Coming are still out there on their own, doing their own thing. This is an excellent compilation of their material, covering 18 tracks including an awesome instrumental version of the track, “Waterloo At Watergate” (the vocal version is also included).
Available from the 23rd of September on Now Again Records, check out the sample below.

Richard Marks – Never Satisfied


Seven years in the making, Never Satisfied is Now-Again Records collection of legendary soul and funk singles by Atlanta guitarist, singer, songwriter Richard Marks.
This 21 track anthology follows Marks’ stylistic development, from his earliest work for the legendary Tuska label, from 1968 until approximately 1972, through his more mature releases on the Shout label and smaller regional labels like Note, Free Spirit and RSC. It also includes two tracks never released in any form, found on reels Marks had maintained in his Atlanta home.
This is classic soulful funk of the highest order, do not miss out on it. Buy now from Now-Again records.


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