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Pete Sasqwax & Madslo – ADSR

Pete Sasqwax and Madslo have joined forces to create a new cassette release, “ADSR”. Out now on I Had An Accident records, each producer takes 20 minutes to show case their own brands of hard hitting, dirty, dusty, heavy as hell beats. In both cases, the joint tape is some of the producers best work to date. Truly eerie, atmospheric, head nodding and entertaining.
Grab the limited cassette or download now!


Pete Sasqwax & 82 – Blindedytheirlies

UK prodsasqwaxucer Pete Sasqwax has teamed up with Swedish poet/rapper 82 on this new track, “Blindedbytheirlies”.
A dark, electronic, down beat, fuzzy monster of a track, it builds perfectly as progesses and definitely gets your head nodding. 82’s lyrics fit perfectly over Mr Sasqwax super nice production, together they sound similar to a release you would have heard from Anticon in their heyday, without sounding dated.
Grab the single, which includes the instrumental, now for Name Your Price and expect more to come soon…we can’t wait!


Podcast No.6 – Pete Sasqwax

sasqwaxFor our 6th podcast we are happy to welcome producer Pete Sasqwax. Recently releasing his new EP, “Sleepers EP1”, Pete has put together a tasty mix of dark, heavy beats, underground hip hop and more. We will let the man himself tell you about it –

“I’ve not done a mix like this in ages and I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed doing them. In the days of Rhythm Incursions, I did countless of them and this is very much in that style. It’s a load of tracks I wanted to hear mixed together, basically. Many of the tracks are by artists with whom I feel a connection to, on some level; some, I’m pleased and honoured to call friends. Most of the tracks have been out a while, some are newer than others and some probably flew under the radar of most people. I always liked having the opportunity to highlight those tracks a little on RI and I hope that more people might pick up on them and give them the attention they deserve”


Podcast No.6 – Pete Sasqwax

Pete Sasqwax – Sleepers EP1

sasqwaxWe have been waiting a long time for new material from Pete Saqwax (formerly known as Wax Factor), and the “Sleepers” EP does not disappoint.
Deep, dark, heavy beats, Pete has the lot. Taking influence from dusty hip hop, psych rock, heavy drum driven funk and a whole lot more.
This 9 track EP has been expertly, possibly painstakingly put together. A lot of time has been put into overall feel and, for want of a better word, vibe of the EP.  The the sound of each track, the track order; you know you are listening to a body of  work that flows perfectly together, and is supposed to, not just 9 tracks bundled up into one EP with no continuity.
Released now via name your price on bandcamp, we urge you to spare a few pounds towards this excellent release. It’s well worth it.
More to come from Mr Sasqwax very soon, stayed tuned.

Pete sasQwax – Herbie Goes Bananas Mix

Good friend of TLHS, Mr Pete SasQwax unleashed a new mix just before christmas entitled Herbie Goes Bananas. As the man himself puts it, “The Herbie in question is not a small, iconic, German automobile but is, instead, the slightly taller, infinitely more impressive on the keys, Herbert Hancock. The beats = all dusty crusty classics you should have heard a thousand times before; the music = all elements of Herbie Hancock tracks (let’s face it, there’s an INSANE amount of stuff to go at). I diced up beats & melodies, added a stack of my favourite accapellas and here it is.”

Check it out people, you won’t regret it!

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