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Son of Sam – Flying Fist/Put It On Ya

Son of Sam unleash two new tracks from their forthcoming “Cinder Hill” album. “Flying Fist” features Organized Konfusion rapper Prince Po, where as “Put It On Ya” utilises the rhyming skills of Soundsci and the DJ skills of Mr Thing. We can’t wait to hear the album in full, it’s going to be pure heat!


Memory Man – Broadcast One

Memory Mmemoryan was first brought to our attention by Edan via twitter. Any album that features Edan is of interest, and then when we saw the rest of the line-up we knew this was something special.
‘Broadcast One’ is simply one of the best hip hop albums we have heard in a long time. On paper this is traditional sample based hip hop, however it is far from the typical, so called real boom bap hip hop that can be as boring as the mainstream commercial music it berates so much.
Memory Man mixes up obscure, funky, psychedelic samples with plenty of interesting spoken word snippets to create something unique, exciting and entertaining. It’s not dissimilar to Edans vision of hip hop, however this isn’t someone just trying to copy Edans style, Memory Man is carving out his own path.
The great production is laced with top quality rhymes from some of the best and most interesting underground artists around today. These include, as mentioned, Edan, Kool Keith, Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, Paul Barman, Prince Po, and Mr Lif.
Available now via bandcamp and on limited vinyl release on Chopped Herring Records, this is a must for all hip hop fans wanting to hear something interesting, unique and funky.

Adam Warlock – Frequent Flyers

Uncomwarlockmon Records come again with the niceness. Adam Warlock releases his new single, “Frequent Flyers” featuring the one and only Prince Po of Organized Konfusion. “Freequent Flyers” is the first single taken from Warlocks forthcoming album “Land Of The Way It Is”, and is a name your price single available now from the Uncommon Records bandcamp page. The single features the original version produced by Willie Green and a dope remix from NASA, all instrumentals and the accapella, pretty good going. Don’t be caught sleeping!

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