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Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope

Now Agakalidescopein Records do it once again! One of the great psychedelic rock albums is finally back in print on vinyl in a band-licensed reissue.
It’s roots are in Puerto Rican teenage garage rockers; it was recorded in the Dominican Republic at the high-point of the flower power era; it was only ever pressed in a minuscule run in Mexico.
Now one of the most sought after rock artifacts on the planet, Kaleidoscope is remastered and reissued with an extensive, photo-filled booklet with the story of the band and their album by historian Enrique Rivas Viniegra. Every psychedelic rock fan needs to get a copy of this album, you know it makes sense!

Available now on digital and LP direct from Now Again or for those in the UK you can get your copy from Rap and Soul Mail Order.


Chew – The 3D EP

We are always interested in chewhearing something new, experimental, raw and psychedelic, Atlanta band Chew do not disappoint.
This three piece band mix alternative rock, psychedelia, elements of jazz, shoe gazer, electronics, avant-garde experimentation, creating a real jumble of sound that is all over the place, but in the best possible way. Chew use a sampler and analogue synth mashed with live instrumentation to pull influences from all things psychedelic.  The result is a hypnotic, electronic, spacewave experience.
The band, who have been extensively touring in the US with no signs of slowing down, know how to absolutely kill it live, check out the youtube clips. All fans of experimental music that hits hard, need to check out “The 3D EP”, all yours for name your price via their bandcamp page.


The Beatles vs. Hip-Hop Legends – An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space’

The manBeatles-vs-Hip-hop-Legends who brought you ‘Jimi Hendrix Vs Wu-Tang’ and the ‘The Okay Player Bollywood Remake’, returns with a new album of ingenious mash-ups. This time, Tom Caruana (although no one is saying its him) has plundered The Beatles catalogue, spliced it together with some classic hip hop acappellas to create some of the most interesting, creative and entertaining mash-ups we’ve heard in a long time.
Grab it for free while you can, via the Monkeyboxing blog.

Forever Pavot – Miguel el Salam

foreverI recently found out about Forever Pavot, simply from a friend posting a link on facebook, and after hearing his work, I’m very glad I clicked that link.Apologies for taking this directly from the press release, but they know a lot more than me and sound good to –
Forever Pavot is the solo project of Emile from Parisian psych/prog group Arun Tazieff. Originally intended by Emile as a low-key diversion from the band, two sold-out singles have considerably raised Forever Pavot’s profile and a full album has been recorded for imminent release.
Miguel el Salam has that trademark Forever Pavot sound; beautifully constructed ‘60s psych blended with an irresistible twist of Ennio Morricone and a passing nod to contemporary bands such as Tame Impala and Aquaserge. La Rabla mixes together a Syd Barrett-esque vocal line with stunning fuzz guitar and a dream-like Gallic atmosphere.

The 7″ single released on The Sound Of Salvation label, will be a limited run of just 250 copies on white vinyl with no plans for a repress, so grab it while you can. Or you can get the digital version from his bandcamp page.

Naik – Mutating Machines

naik_mutating_machines_artworkNaik is an Australian musician dealing in psychedelic beats of the funky kind, utilising live instrumentation, samples and programmed beats to created one of the best instrumental albums I’ve heard in a while.
These are heavy, tough hip hop influenced beat, no doubt about it, however where many who travel this path tend to lie in dark, moody waters, Naiks music has more of a bright feel to it. Maybe it’s all that sunshine, but “Mutating Machines” is more on the sun-baked side of psych. Now don’t let that mislead you, there is still plenty for you dark, grit lovers to get your teeth into, but personally I found it quite refreshing to hear psych rock beats from the slightly lighter side of the moon.
To check out “Mutating Machines” all you need to do is like Naiks facebook page HERE and its all yours for free! How can you argue with that.

Sir Psych – Hello Echo

Sir Psych, helloechoone half of psychedelic rock band The Smoking Trees, has just released a new solo album entitled “Hello Echo”. As Sir Psych says himself, “the album is recorded in raw form and is my ode to the art of experimenting with echo and reverb.”
It is a must for any psych fans, its authentic without sounding dated, mellow, dirty, raw, and the best part is it’s all yours for free!
Grab your download and make sure to check out The Smoking Trees releases too.

Podcast No.5 – Chips For The Poor

CFTP podcast picThe Left Hand Sides 5th podcast is here! We are happy to welcome our very special guests Chips For The Poor.
Scott and Michael (Chips for the Poor) got fresh on the double H-ill and come up with a cookie crumbling mix for yur ear (w.w.w)holes.
In contrast to the previous guest podcast, this is a blend of punk, off-beat rock, psychedelic rock, spacey prog, alternative rock, hip hop and more. A real  interesting and eclectic mix, just what we like to hear at TLHS.
Make sure you check out Chips For The Poor and the rest of the Invisible Spies clan.

The Soundcarriers Psychcast

Sticking wthe-soundcarriersith the mixes, the excellent Six Ton Armor website has unleashed the latest installment of their podcast. The latest psychcast mix (number 38!) comes from The Soundcarriers, blending classic, freak out sounds, just as you’d expect. The good news also comes that The Soundcarriers are working on a brand new instrumental album, to be released later this year!

Download the mix HERE

Hezus – Journey’s End In Lovers Meeting

The excellenthezuz label, Six Ton Armor, known for specialising in psychedelic, beat heavy podcasts from some of the best artists in the business, unleash the brand new single from Hezus.
Hezus are a wife & husband duo from San Diego, CA: Ian (Drums/Vox/Guitar/Bass/ Sounds) and Doreen de Cerbo (Keys/Vox/Perc/Sounds), their sound is lo-fi, beat driven, tripped out psychedelic rock with a real authentic feel. Released on limited 7″ single, the bands first vinyl outing, it comes in a lovely silkscreened cover designed by Superheights.
Have a listen below, and then go and order the single HERE be quick, these won’t be around for long!

Beaulieu Porch -Beaulieu Porch

BeauliBPeu Porch aka UK musician, producer Simon Berry, has just released his new self titled album, Beaulieu Porch. This is real psychedelic rock music, it sounds like it could have been made by a band of hippies in the late 60’s, yet it is was release in January 2013. Any one who has ever been interested in psychedelic music old or new, will find something they like on here. You can hear hints of the Beatles at their most tripped out, janglely guitars mixed with spacey synths, crashing drums, pretty much everything you’d want to hear from a pastoral, folky, psych band.
Released on Tillsammans Records, it is up for name your price download via bandcamp, but only for a limited time.

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