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Remi Rough – Symphony of Systematic Minimalism

Veteran UK graffiti artist Remi Rough has just released his brand new album “Symphony of Systematic Minimalism” on Vava Records.
On the album Remi explores the outer limits of electronic music, creating ambient soundscapes, along side synth driven old skool beats.
The album sounds like Massive Attack meets Board Of Canada via Kraftwerk and Brian Eno.
You can download the album now for free via the Vava Records website, we strongly suggest you do!

Remdog – Inside The Arrows Remix EP

remiRemdog, aka graff artist Remi Rough, releases a brand new EP of remixes entitled, “Inside The Arrows”. Taking 2 of his original tracks, “Arrowglands” and “Inside the Box”, and letting 5 producers, including himself, loose with the controls. Remixes come from Strange Famous’ beat head Buddy Peace, Kelp, Gravypaste and WrongTom, better known for his recent reggae albums,  this remix shows of his excellent non-reggae production skills.
The EP features a great selection of hip hop,, future beats, electronica, and my personal highlight, Nature Boy Jim Kelly aka Nosaj from 90’s legendary freaky funk hip hop group New Kingdom.
Go get yourself a copy, yaheardme!

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