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Meakoom & Bare Beats – ME

Bare Beats has teamed up soul vocalist Meakoom to create the new 3 track ep, “ME”. The ep see’s Bare Beats providing the soulful, yet slightly off key, electronic based beats for Meakoom to let loose over. The soulful musing from Meakoom were all impromptu giving it a more immediate feel, anything could have happened but this is what they arrived at and it sounds damn good.
Grab the “ME”, including all instrumentals, from bandcamp for name your price download.

Sevadar Sehaj – Blue Bridge

Sevadar SehajSevadar Sehaj releases the 7 track “Blue Bridge” EP. The sound Sehaj captures on this release is a unique, personal take on 70’s soul, RnB, blues and hip hop. This isn’t all shiny, overproduced RnB, this is gritty, slightly off-key, beat based soul music.  His vocals are firmly based in smooth soul, however you can hear a rock and folk influence in there, which proves to create a far more interesting listen than your average modern hip hop soul release.
At times “Blue Bridge” reminds me of a less electronic and more boom bap James Blake, but then it switches and provides a more rough, low slung funk track, such as “Down The River”. Sevadar Sehaj has definitely create a really interesting and enjoyable slab of soulful music, moving in the dark corners rather in the over blown light as the majority of modern soul music.
Out now on limited edition CD and digital release, check it out I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


Metabeats – Passport

UK hip hop producer Metabeats releases “Passport” , taken from his forthcoming album ‘Caviar Crackle’. Known for his forward thinking, head nodding, underground hip hop production, here Metabeats shows the versatility of his production skill. “Passport” is a wicked slice of soulful, RnB, electronics, reaching back to the sound of 80’s electro boogie, but still keeping it up to date and modern. Even the cover art work harks back to the “Electro” compilations that were so influential on the hip hop scene in the UK. Featuring Vanity Jay on vocals, this is the perfect summer party tune. We are looking forward to the album and all the surprises it will hold, dropping in the near future on Associated Minds.

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