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Nomad – Preludes

UK hip hop label SFDB are back after a good few years in the wilderness. The new release is from Nomad entitled “Prelude” and as you would expect from a SFDB release its a fine blend of solid, funky, head nodding beats and on point rhymes.
Production is handled by brothers Daniel and Mark Richardson, using nice layers of distortion, hints of psychedelia and other effects, to create a sound that set “Prelude” apart from your everyday UK hip hop. Nomad compliments of beats with captivating tales and word play. More laid back than up in your face, but still able to grab and hold your attention.
It’s good to have SFDB Records back, especially as they have some of the best artwork in UK hip hop. “Prelude” is released September 1st.



Secondson & Hostyle – Mixtapes

If you don’t know Secondson, he is the man behind the UK hip hop label SFDB and the producer of Fleapit, who released a couple of slamming 12″ and an album, all to rave reviews. I only recently discovered SFDB had their own bandcamp page with pretty much their full back catalogue on there, some of it for free too!
Back in 2003 and 2004 , Secondson and teamed up with Hostyle to create these two hot, vinyl only mixes, now up for free download. Expect lots of rare funk, library music, cuts and scratches and more. Grab em while they are still hot!

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