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Son of Sam – Flying Fist/Put It On Ya

Son of Sam unleash two new tracks from their forthcoming “Cinder Hill” album. “Flying Fist” features Organized Konfusion rapper Prince Po, where as “Put It On Ya” utilises the rhyming skills of Soundsci and the DJ skills of Mr Thing. We can’t wait to hear the album in full, it’s going to be pure heat!


SoundSci – Walk The Earth

soundsciSoundsci return with a serious new video and awesome new album. The album, “Walk The Earth”, is the transatlantic groups 3rd long player and gives you exactly what you want. Super heavy, dusty funky break beats laced with articulate, upfront, true school rhyming, this album gives you everything you love about “golden era” hip hop and brings it straight into 2016 and beyond. The video, “The Art of Smoke and Mirrors” is a hard hitting track with an equally hard hitting video. Looking at the recent police brutality taking place in America and the rise of evil itself, Donald Trump.
Grab the digital version from the groups bandcamp page, vinyl coming soon, along with the two recently released 7″ singles also taken from the album.


UGeorge – Blowing Up feat. SoundSci (video)

Check out the new video from UGeorge featuring Soundsci. “Blowing Up” is taken from the World Expo Records 2014 Sampler 10″ single, which also features new tracks from Soundsci and Ollie Teeba, all taken from their forthcoming albums. As ever, this is classic hip hop with emphasis on the boom and the bap!

Audessey & ACatCalledFritz

Hip Hop label, Slice of Spice have just unleashed this killer new single from Soundsci MC, Audessey and French producer ACatCalledFritz.
As you would expect from Slice of Space and Audessey, this is a hefty slab of classic boom bap hip hop. Heavy beats and heavy rhymes. Slice of Spice have outdone themselves here with the packages on offer here. There’s the original 7″, picture disc and more, peep the site to see whats on offer. As well as all this, they are giving the track “Frequencies” away for free and have a fresh new video for the tune. Good to see a label putting in the work, massive shout to all involved.

Soundsci – Change video

Just a quick post to say, check out the fresh new video from Soundsci for their track “Change”. Audessey, Oxygen, U George, Jonny Cuba & Ollie Teeba are at it again and coming correct.

Soundsci – Soundsational

The excellent Soundsci are getting set to release their new full length album on Ubiquity Records. The album is based around samples from Mike James Kirkland back catalogue, with Ollie Teeba and Johnny Cuba cutting, chopping and flipping them in that classic boom bap style.
Vocals, as ever come courtesy of Oxygen, Audessey and U-George, making was is set to be a stone cold classic hip hop album.
Peep the  preview below and get ready for the album to drop in late June.


SoundSci – The Ultimate New Video

Check out the excellent new video from SoundSci, for their track “The Ultimate” taken from the EP of the same name.

Soundsci – Lyrical Beatdown


Soundsci is the brainchild of JonnyCuba (Dynamic Syncopation) and Audessey (MassInfluence) after collaborating previously while in MassInfluence on numerous occasions for Ninja Tune (Ground Zero, Dedicated, Systematic and 2 Tha Left) they kept in touch and continued making music together. While making the first project “Dig for Victory” DJ Ollie Teeba (Herballiser) and U-George (Hemisphere) where brought in on the project and they became a constant part of the sound which lead to them joining the Soundsci crew. Later on while working on the “Formula 99″ project they linked up with Oxygen (Sputnik Brown) to record “In a Flash” and the title cut “Formula 99″. Through working on these cuts eventually lead to Oxygen to joining the Soundsci crew.
The crew have just unleashed a new track entitled, “Lyrical Beatdown” for free download, taken from their forthcoming EP “The Ultimate”. Produced by Ollie Teeba, this is a slice of classic hip hop that you cannot miss.

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