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Strange U – Terminator Funk video

Peep the excellent new video from Strange U. “Terminator Funk” is taken from their killer album “#LP4080” out now on High Focus Records. We suggest you watch the video and then buy the album, you won’t regret it!


Strange U – #LP4080

Strange U’s destrange-u-4080-cover_1440_webbut album “#LP4080” is released on the 10th of Feb, you can pre-order the album on CD and vinyl now from the High Focus website.
This is one of the most anticipated albums of the year for us, we cannot wait to hear whats in store. Fully produced by the good Dr Zygote, the album boast guest spots from Jehst, Fliptrix, Lee Scott, Cappo & Jazz T!
Until you can get your hands on the full length LP, peep the video for “Zuul” featuring Cappo.


Strange U – Bullet Proof Mustache

Brand new Strange U! Yes the first offering from Strange U’s forthcoming album on High Focus Records, “Bullet Proof Mustache” feature Lee Scott and as you’d expect, its a banger. This just makes us super eager for the album to drop!

Mongrels – Attack The Monolith

“Attack The MONGRELS_ATTACK_album_coverMonolith” has been years in the making, but it’s well worth the wait. Fans of Kid Acne’s previous work, this is the album you’ve always been waiting for. Taking Acne’s unique rhyming styles, mixing them with Benjamins lo-fi, crunchy old skool influenced beats, add New Kingdoms Sebash into the mix as a honorary Monrgel (he appear on 10 out of the 12 tracks here) and you are in for one hell of a bugged out hip hop ride!
There is an old skool feel to this album, but the Mongrels aren’t stuck in the past, nor would I call this weird or left-field as such. “Attack The Monolith” is the sound of two well versed b-boy’s who aren’t afraid to do things their own way, Kid Acne and Benjamin just out there doing their thing. I doubt they could sound different if they tried, the DIY, lo-fi, punk rock styles are ingrained in their DNA and it’s all the better for it. Kid Acne provides many a pop culture reference, giving mention to anything from Phantom of the Paradise and The Wicker to Lenny Henry’s Crucial FM, making you smile without sounding like a joke or coming off corny.
As well as Sebash, the album boasts guest spots from two of the UK finest, Juice Aleem appears on the gravelly head knodder “Man From Atlantis” and Strange U’s Lord Roa lays down knowledge on “You Dig Raps Pt.2” and “Underground Dwellers”.
The whole album is the perfect example of how to make killer music, not being concerned with what or how people say hip hop should sound, just doing things your own way, chucking it out there and seeing what happens. We need more albums like this out there, especially in the UK hip hop world. Definitely a contender for album of the year!
Digital is available from the 27/05/16 from iTunes and pre-order your vinyl copy HERE

Herrmutt Lobby & Lord Rao & Cupp Cave – Woof

Producers Herrmutt Lobbywoof and Cupp Cave have teamed up with Strange U’s Kashmere to released the new album, “Woof”. Herrnutt Lobby has previously worked with LA rapper Non from the Shadowhuntaz, creating the sort of hip-hop production that has come to define the so-called beat scene (known in Belgium as offbeat, a most appropriate name). “WOOF“ is a similar tour de force, one that Herrmutt – who produced the music with help from their longtime partner Cupp Cave – describes as a raw homage to hip-hop and its disciplines.
Any fans of Strange U will love this album, Kashmere aka Lord Rao is on top form as ever and the beats are just as experimental and out there as you’d expect. But for all the off-key madness, “Woof” is still steeped in hardcore, rough, rugged, hard hitting underground hip hop. Get it in your ears now!

Hey!Zeus.i – Holy Cow feat Strange U & Jehst

Hey!Zeus.i heyhas just release the single ‘Holy Cow’ on YNR PRoductions. The Obba Supa and Dahlia Black Gang member is causing a storm with this his debut for the YNR label along with the help of Strange U and Jehst. Out now the digital single also comes with an excellent remix from Strange U producer Dr Zygote. Buy it now and check out the exquisitely off-key video.


Strange U, Herrmutt Lobby & Cupp Cave – Final Flash

We don’t know much about this other than, Lord Rao (Formerly King Kashmere IV) has collaborated with beatsmith software pioneers Herrmutt Lobby and Cupp Cave on a new EP set for release on Detroit Underground. ‘Final Flash’ is the lead single, oh and it bangs!

Strange U – Leviathan

Strange U are back again! Yes this group have a remarkable work rate and still keep the quality right up there.
‘Leivathan’ deals with the recent police and race issues and is yours for free download, along with a new video too. Hopefully the Strange ones will continue their rapid musical assault throughout 2015.

Strange U – Summertime Skeetin video

The mighty Strange U unleash the brand new video for their bumpin’ track, ‘Summertime Skeetin’. If you haven’t heard the ‘Aliens In Suits’ EP yet, you seriously need to rectify the situation, NOW!

Strange U – Aliens In Suits EP

Those sstrangepace cadet, funk freakers, Strange U return with their 3rd EP, “Aliens In Suits”.
Hot on the heels of their “EP#2040” and the collaboration with Jehst, “Dolph Lundgren”, this new 4 track EP was released this week on the Foreign Beggars label, Par Excellence.
“Aliens In Suits” continues the groups interstellar assault on the listeners ears, mixing warped electronic production with Kashmere’s aka Darq Twin, unique rhyme style.
For me Strange U are up there with El-P, Anti-Pop, Dr Octagon in pushing the boundaries of what we call hip hop.

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