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Jon Kennedy – Ha!

Jon Kennedy returns with his seventh studio album, “Ha!”. Mixing up elements of broken beats, trip hop, jazz, hip hop and even drum and bass, Mr Kennedy has thrown everything in there and come up trumps.
The title track and lead single, “Ha!” is a low slung, funky head nodder that gets you grooving for sure. “Slave to TV” is more upbeat, with blasts of electro bass with a slightly harsher sound, but keeps things smooth with the jazzy percussion and vibes. All tracks on offer here create different moods and feels, creating an album that keeps your interest, gets you dancing and lets you chill out.
“Ha!” could have come out sounding dated however the album fits perfectly into today’s modern sound, whilst appealing to the older trip hop fans. Released on September 22nd, we urge you all to get a copy.


Jon Kennedy – Ha!

Producer Jon Kennedy returns with a new album “Ha!”. Providing us with his usual unique take on beats, bleep and funky things, the first single, title track “Ha!” is a great example of whats in store. Check out the excellent animated video, grab limited edition 7″ and then get the album released 22nd September on Jon Kennedy Federation.

Andrew Cosentino – Islip Speedway

If its jazzy, soulful, mellow beats you are after then look no further than Andrew Cosentino’s recent album “Islip Speedway”. The album is a super nice mix of earthy, electronic soul, slow churning beats and atmospheric soundscapes. We were impressed and think you will be too. Grab it now for free download!

Stray Dog – Soap

straydogStray Dog returns with a new EP “Soap”, once again produced by Bare Beats. The combination of Stray Dog’s fragile, haunting vocals and Bare Beats sparse, dark, electronic production works perfectly over these 5 tracks. Elements of Massive Attack style trip hop, Boards of Canada soundscapes, future beats chugging rhythms, along with dark, indie pop can all be found on “Soap”. Definitely worth a listen and a download, all for free!
Download the “Soup” HERE


Ill Clinton – Ambap

illBeat producer Ill Clinton returns with a new album, “Ambap”.
Mixing up downbeat electronica, crunching beats and ambient soundscapes, it makes for very pleasant and refreshing listening. A must for all beat heads.
Released on limited gold cassette, vinyl style CD and digital you can grab a copy now via bandcamp.

The Jazz Jousters – New Genesis

Mijazzzllenium Jazz present the new album from The Jazz Jousters collective entitled, “New Genesis”. As you would imagine,  the album bring together some of the best modern, beat heavy jazz. Laid back grooves, dusty beats, future jazz beats, it’s all here. Featuring artists such as Gadget, SmokedBeats, DJ Mentos, Es-K and more, you can grab the limited edition CD release or digital release from the labels bandcamp page.


Silver Man Interview

silvermanEarlier this month we featured the excellent new album ‘Thieves & Millionaires’, by beat maker Silver Man. We liked what we heard so much we thought we’d catch up with the Silver Man for a few questions.

For those that don’t know, please introduce yourself and what you do
I am a Super Hero time-traveller from outer space.

When did first start making music? What was your inspiration?
I’ve been writing tunes since about 1996, but have played the guitar from the age of 8. I just dabble on the guitar a bit now and sing songs when drunk. My mum always played the piano, so does my brother so we are a musical family. My brother has alot of keyboards and an early computer back in the mid-late 80’s, and a BOSS drum machine and we used to sample stuff, but it was more him than me more than anything.

Have you always made trip-hop, beats style music? Or have there been any drastic changes?
I wrote a bit of that old singer songwriter fayre, but i was never too hot on the lyrics. That trip hop sound was what i was into, i used to smoke a lot of weed and played the bass alot.

You took time out from making music. What were the reasons behind this break?
I’d had enough of it. Being a solo producer is quite isolating, sitting in a dark room listening to a kick drum when its hot outside and people are in the park. I neglected lots of other things, girlfriends I was with and so on in order to do it. I decided i didn’t want to make the sacrifice anymore, and I had started the PR agency Outpost ( so i threw myself into that and quit the producing lark overnight, never to return….

Your music contains a lot of emotion, is this some you have strived for? Or does it just happen that way?
This melancholic music is the music that really gets me and i love listening to. I just created music that touched me and I wanted to listen to and all those tunes i wrote on the album do that for me. It just happens that way, its not something i specifically tried to do, it was just what was there to be written, and that’s how it came out.

There is a definite feel and emotion within your music, but do you ever try to get any concepts or ideas out to the listeners? As much as you can within instrumental music.
Song creation and structure is important. I want music to not be one-dimensional but have peaks and troughs; to create a journey of high crescendo that can drop to silence. So i tried to create the emotion and flow in the music as much as you can with one bloke in a studio instead of a band where you would normally get a more warm and fluid feel to the music.

Who, alive or dead, would you love to collaborate with? And why?
No idea – Buddha? I’d probably be up for some chanting or something or other. There’s lots of people i would love to collaborate with , but its who would be a good fit. All i wanted was to be in a band and be a singer at the beginning really. I did do that in a previous band but i was never a great vocalist. So i reckon i wish Noel had found me instead of Liam, but i don’t think there’s anyone that can really say they would be a better front man than Liam Gallagher now can they..?!

Do you have any plans to work with any other artists in the future?
The only artists I work with now are with our PR company, and our music publishing and distribution arms. My knowledge and experience of being an artist is valuable to the next generation of musicians and i now bring a commercial and business mindset to assist the creative process.

What can we expect next from Silver Man?
I’m just focusing on building our publishing and distribution companies at the moment, and signing great artists. Silver Man might do another video for one of the album tracks, that was fun to do and to have, but there’s no new tunes planned at the moment. I have been there and done it now so I don’t feel the need to do anymore. At the moment anyway.

Which cartoon, old or new, would you like to provide the music for?
God knows – little mermaid? Aladdin? It would have to be something depressing or emotional for my tunes to work with it though! 🙂

“Thieves and Millionaires” is out this month on 3 Bar Fire.

Silver Man – Thieves and Millionaires

silvermanSilver Man aka David Silverman, first making music back in his early 20’s, however he put his love of beats on hold to build up a one of the UK best PR companies, Outpost Media. Having made a success within the PR world, David has now returned to his first love, music.
“Analogue X” is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album, “Thieves and Millionaires” and sets the tone nicely.
“Thieves…” isn’t going to be breaking any new ground, but that is no bad thing. This is an album packed full of dusty beats in the classic trip hop tradition. Taking influences from jazz, folk, hip hop, cinematic soundtracks and more. It is a journey through many moods, the jazzy opening track, “Strike 3” is a real head nodder, with its funky keys and heavy bass lines. Things get more down beat and moody, however I wouldn’t say this is a dark album, if anything “Thieves and Millionaires” is best enjoyed with the sun blazing.
If you are a fan of artists such as DJ Krush, RJD2, Bonobo, or just like your beats laid back and funky, this album is a must for you. “Thieves and Millionaires” is out later this on 3 Bar Fire, but for now check out the video for “Analogue X”.

Drumked – We Are Drumked

drumDrumked are a group coming from Lille in France. Their music mixes up samples, jazzy beats, some live drums I believe, cinematic soundscapes and more very much in the vein of that classic trip hop sound. If you want laid back, chilled out, clean sounding beats, this is for you.
It is actually nice to hear some downbeat music that isn’t desperately trying to sound like the next Madlib or Flying Lotus.
Grab the album now for free.

Riddim Fruit – Cloud Watching Vol 3

cloudDevon based label Riddim Fruit Records, release the third installment of their, “Cloud Watching” series.
“Cloud Watching” is music to kick back, relax, “gaze into the skies and feel the vibes”.
The tracks vary from the classic “trip hop” sound, electronica, laid back dub and more. All artists featured are part of the Riddim Fruit crew, Flywalker, Cut La Vis, Basement Freaks, to name but a few.
There’s something for all listeners hear, as long as you like to chill.
Check it out now and grab the name your price download via the Riddim Fruit Records bandcamp site.

Keep watching the skies!

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