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DJ Supreme – Arctic II feat. Ice T & Icepick

DJ Supreme returns with the “Arctic II” the follow up to his “Arctic” single. However, this isn’t just a remix, this is a full on follow up featuring live instrumentation, on point scratching, Icepick and Ice T, yep Ice T!
“Arctic II” will make you forget the cop shows, dodgy films and heavy metal, and remind you just how good Ice T can be. But don’t just take my word for it, listen for yourself.

Asbest The Moor King – Mind Of A Few

Brighton MC Asbest The Moor King releases his new album, “Mind of a Few”. The album is an interesting, refreshing slice of UK hip hop coming from left-field.
Asbest is an intelligent, versatile rapper who also produces 7 of the 12 tracks on offer here, the other 5 being produced by Leplezett. The list of guests on the album is like a who’s who of the weird side of UK hip hop, something we always like to hear. Alongside Asbest’s rhyming skills you have guests Invokal – Verbalist Journalist, James Reindeer, St Jude and more. Finishing off with a few nice instrumental tracks, this is an intelligent, entertaining album that keeps you guessing. This is just the kind of album that makes me say, we need more of this coming out of the UK hip hop scene!
Buy “Mind Of A Few” now on cassette and digital, do it!

The Menagerie – Odd Beast

For those that don’t know, The Menagerie are the hip hop super group comprising of gentleman of rap Professor Elemental, the great Dr Syntax and super producer Tom Caruana. The group released their debut album  ‘Wild Kingdom’, in 2005 and gained a cult following in their adopted hometown of Brighton and beyond, with International DJ Magazine calling the group a ‘seriously tight unit, as anyone who has witnessed their live shows will testify’.
The Menagerie are now back with their new offering “Odd Beast”, and I can tell you, it lives up to its name perfectly. Elemental and Dr Syntax complement Tom Caruana’s signature brand of quirky, sample-laden hip hop with comedic, tongue-in-cheek lyrics touching on subjects such as relationship pressures (‘She’s Gone’), a shared disdain for team sports (‘It’s Only A Game’) and interactions with professional peers (‘Rappers Don’t Want To Be Our Friends’). Guests include Al The Native (aka Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks) and Sabira Jade (DJ Vadim), while DJ Nick Maxwell provides the always-on-point turntable skills.
Released on September 4th, this is definitely one for any hip hop fans looking for something a bit different, something to make you laugh and smile, a group that’s not afraid to be themselves and have a laugh whilst doing it. Get it!

Strangelove – EP 1

Finally Strangelove return with a new release, “EP 1”. Taking their brand of blissed out, left of centre hip hop to a new level. Production wise, “EP 1” is sparse, atmospheric, verging on ambient at time, with hints of future beats and electronica, this is miles away from boom bap hip hop, but it works perfectly. Super chilled, yet full of energy, the MC’s lay their well crafted rhymes over melodic tones and noises, there’s not always a beat, but they show you don’t always need one. The groups sound does fit well into the weed driven UK hip hop scene, but doesn’t rely on cliches vocally or musically too many fall into. Creating a sound that stoners and experimental fans will enjoy equally, or just fans of good interesting music.
Out now on limited edition cassette and digital, this is definitely the kind of thing we want to hear more of coming out of the UK. Also check out the video for the track “Lonely Souls” featuring Bellatrix.



Legion of Goon – T.I.T.S

Stig of the Dump and Stu the Don are, Legion of Goon! Check out their latest video “T.I.T.S”  taken from the forthcoming album, “Project Goon”. The album is released on the 8th of September and can be yours for free is you head over to and sign up to the mailing list.

Nomad – Preludes

UK hip hop label SFDB are back after a good few years in the wilderness. The new release is from Nomad entitled “Prelude” and as you would expect from a SFDB release its a fine blend of solid, funky, head nodding beats and on point rhymes.
Production is handled by brothers Daniel and Mark Richardson, using nice layers of distortion, hints of psychedelia and other effects, to create a sound that set “Prelude” apart from your everyday UK hip hop. Nomad compliments of beats with captivating tales and word play. More laid back than up in your face, but still able to grab and hold your attention.
It’s good to have SFDB Records back, especially as they have some of the best artwork in UK hip hop. “Prelude” is released September 1st.


Remark – ?Everything

UK veteran Remark returns with a new track that hits hard both in sound and content. Grab the track via bandcamp and check out the video below.


Mr Thing and Micall Parknsun – The Raw

Check out the new track from Mr Thing and Micall Parknsun. “The Raw” is a quality slice of low slung, head nodding hip hop, keeping it unashamedly rugged, real and underground. This is the first single taken from the forthcoming album, “Lets Finish What We Started” and is definitely proving Thing and Parky make a great combination. Oh and it has an awesome video too!

Mr Ekow – Between Haircuts

UK rapper Mr Ekow is back with a new EP, “Between Haircuts”. The EP continues Ekows journey into soulful, electronic hip hop featuring production from TheUnsung, Prospect and Taiko. The EP also feature the guest vocals of Myles the Rhetorical, Titi the Writer and Ebonie G. All fans of hip hop, neo-soul and smooth electronics will enjoy this EP, so grab it now!

DJ Supreme – Artric feat. Icepick

The legendary DJ Supreme from the classic hardcore UK hip hop group Hijack is back with a new single featuring veteran rhymer Icepick. Carrying on with his unique and uncompromising hard hitting sound, this is a must for all old school and new school b-boys out there.
Grab it now on white vinyl from Nake Ape Records.


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