Chairman Maf – 1976

MafChairman Maf releases his debut album “1976”, you can already grab the digital version, but if you like a real physical CD you can hold in your hand (remember them kids?), it is available from Monday 4th June.
Maf has been making beats for over 10 years now and has produced tracks for the likes of INJA, Skillit, Skuff, Kingpin (Caxton Press), to name but a few. In 2012 he released the “Dusted” EP on Dusted Wax Kingdom to a great response, the guys over at Dusted Wax know their stuff, so that’s a straight sign of quality already.
Maf’s music is first and foremost hip hop, his beats a super heavy, snappy snare drums, thumping kicks, exactly what you expect and want to hear. Add to that a whole lot of soul, although it’s instrumental this is a truly soulful album, and a real western cinematic feel, it makes for a great, unique laid back listen.
With artwork by Chemo aka Telemachus, grab the CD from Maf’s bandcamp page. Do it!


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One thought on “Chairman Maf – 1976

  1. Ben Dover on said:

    This guy is amazing!!!! Buy the album!!

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