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Buddy Peace – Golden Bangkok Guest

buddyBeat master Buddy Peace returns with a brand new album/beat tape featuring samples and finds from his trips to Thailand and Laos. Buddy has mixed together his own field recordings and samples collected over 2 years of back and forths between Bangkok and Laos, and many diversions therein, with his trade mark head nodding beats.
You get a real feel for the sounds of both countries and their local tradition music, while Buddy’s intricate cutting up, splicing and re-imagining brings them into a whole new realm.
Released today on a very limited, hand made CD, including trading cards, and digitally all from Mr Peace’s bandcamp page. Don’t sleep!

Herma Puma – The Bob Ross EP

bobrossHerma Puma return with a brand new release, “The Bob Ross EP”. Named after the tv artist with the relaxing tones, the EP is a tasty mix of funky, soulful, hip hop beats.
Featuring guest vocals from Donnie Numeric of Delegates of Rhyme, Phil Jeong and Gregg Green, the EP sits perfectly between the modern, soulful side of future beats and the classic boom bap hip hop sound. If you like snappy snare drums, rolling beats, bumping bass lines and super funky horns and percussion, this is without a doubt the EP for you. Get it now via bandcamp!


SoundSci – Walk The Earth

soundsciSoundsci return with a serious new video and awesome new album. The album, “Walk The Earth”, is the transatlantic groups 3rd long player and gives you exactly what you want. Super heavy, dusty funky break beats laced with articulate, upfront, true school rhyming, this album gives you everything you love about “golden era” hip hop and brings it straight into 2016 and beyond. The video, “The Art of Smoke and Mirrors” is a hard hitting track with an equally hard hitting video. Looking at the recent police brutality taking place in America and the rise of evil itself, Donald Trump.
Grab the digital version from the groups bandcamp page, vinyl coming soon, along with the two recently released 7″ singles also taken from the album.


Marathon of Dope Compilation Vol. 2

Marathon Of Dope mdoperelease their second compilation. They have drawn from their label and community’s diverse pool of talent, to build a collection of new and unreleased tracks as a special thanks for all of the support they have gained over the past few years. The compliation is a free smorgasbord of M.O.D. exclusives. Whether you’re searching for an old favouritee flavor, a glimpse of a secret side-project, a nostalgic melody, an intricately wound instrumental, or just something to dance to, this compilation has something just for you. Grab it now via the Marathon of Dope bandcamp page all for free!

Aver – And Now For Something Exactly The Same…

Producer, rapaverper Aver returns with a new EP, “And Now For Something Exactly The Same…”.
Coming from Manchester’s Natural Curriculum crew, Aver’s new release is a great example of break heavy, funky hip hop that keeps you guessing. On the face of it the EP keeps your head nodding and speakers bumping, but on closer inspection this is multi-layered music, creeping in more left of field sounds and influences. “And Now For Something Exactly The Same…” covers both instrumental and vocal hip hop with a super nice video for the upbeat banger “She Prayed To The Moon”, you all need to get you ears round this now! Buy it HERE


Chew – The 3D EP

We are always interested in chewhearing something new, experimental, raw and psychedelic, Atlanta band Chew do not disappoint.
This three piece band mix alternative rock, psychedelia, elements of jazz, shoe gazer, electronics, avant-garde experimentation, creating a real jumble of sound that is all over the place, but in the best possible way. Chew use a sampler and analogue synth mashed with live instrumentation to pull influences from all things psychedelic.  The result is a hypnotic, electronic, spacewave experience.
The band, who have been extensively touring in the US with no signs of slowing down, know how to absolutely kill it live, check out the youtube clips. All fans of experimental music that hits hard, need to check out “The 3D EP”, all yours for name your price via their bandcamp page.


El Michels Affair & The Shacks – Strange Boy

El MichelsEl Michels Affair have teamed up with New York band The Shacks for the new single, “Strange Boy” b/w “No Surprise”.
Strange Boy sounds like the Five Keys met Neil Young and cut a record with Jane Birkin, but in English. A fuzzed out, heavy backing track with doo-wop background vocals create a peculiar, but perfect bed for singer Shannon’s dead pan celebration of her strange boy, of whom she would gladly “drink the kool aid from his cup”.
Side B, No Surprise is a perfect blend of El Michels Affairs hazy, cinematic soul and 60’s pop ala Sonny and Cher.
The 7″ single is available to buy now from Big Crown Records.


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