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Moniker Eggplant

eggplant_3_6_2_7_1_farbton2-012Moniker Eggplant is an open-minded electronic label based in Berlin. The concept behind the label is they “release sound carriers (vinyl, CD, data) always conducted by a proper eggplant-recipe”. Sounds a bit nuts, yeah but we are loving it!
So far there have been four main; three handmade CDrs in our unique design (handmade, hand stamped carton-cd-box) and one vinyl (7” split-release with Alphacute records). All with that real DIY ethos that shows real love has gone into the project and the label.
The main focus of the label is to bring together artists from all over the globe who create different, unique forms of electronic music, compile their music and release them as part of their “Mashed Eggplant” series.
So far there has been “Mashed Eggplant Vol.1” featuring the likes of Infinite Livez, Dingy Dysu, Desmond Denker and more. Along with, yep you’ve guessed it, “Mashed Eggplant Vol.2” featuring artists such as Bit-Turner, PorkFour, Graph amongst others.
They all make for a really interesting, diverse, at times challenge, but overall entertaining listen. It is well worth giving Moniker Eggplants back catalogue a listen and keeping an eye on where they will go next!

Cooler Than Cucumbers Records

cucumbersFrench record label, Cooler Than Cucumbers Records are getting set to release a brand new compilation on April 15th. In honor of the new comp, they have their first compilation, “Salade de Concombres Vol. 1” up for free download.
It features 34 tracks by artist from all over the globe, including Melodica Deathship, Cheschi, 2econd Class Citizen, Mike Gamin and a whole load more. Specialising in off beat, genre bending, thought-provoking hip hop of all types, this is a quality compilation, so get your download on and get ready for the next installment!

Uncommon Burners 2

1251866381-1Uncommon Records have just dropped the dope new compilation, Uncommon Burners 2. Uncommon Records are quickly becoming one of the best labels out there releasing interesting, uncompromising, underground hip hop, and still releasing it in the physical form.
This new compilation features tracks by the likes of Aeon Grey, Adam Warlock, Short Fuze & NASA, and a whole load of other great artists. They have released 8 tracks from the compilation for free download via bandcamp, however we encourage you to order the full 16 track CD compilation direct from Uncommon Records, you need it in your lives!
This real underground hip hop, experimental without being pretentious, boasting some fantastic production and killer MC’s. Don’t sleep!

Open Sauce Recordings

The London club night Open Sauce release their first compilation today, “Open Sauce Volume 1”. Available on limited CD direct from their bandcamp page, it is a great mix of left-field, experimental hip hop, electronica, and more. Let the people who know best tell you about it –

“Open Sauce, London’s premier event for abstract, experimental electronic music founded in 2007, is proud to present the first release on our new
label, Open Sauce Recordings. Having featured at our parties the finest in underground talent including Gold Panda, Infinite Livez, Offshore, X Rabit, Elan Tamara, Raffertie, Seiji and Om Unit amongst many others, we now feel compelled to take every care possible in the selection of acts for our first label release.  The result is a group of global, electronic musicians who represent the Open Sauce Spirit: Quality, freeform music, far away from genres, labeling or attachment to region or scene.”

One artist featured on the compilation, is the labels first new signing, Techinque Noidust. To celebrate the launch of Open Sauce Recordings, Tech has produced a special DJ mix. Have a listen to it here!

“Open Sauce Volume 1” is a must have compilation for any electronic, hip hop, experimental, left-field, forward thinking (I could go on) music fan. Check out the promo mix, then go and grab the CD while you still, they won’t be around long!

Buried Treasure

Buried TreasureBuriedTreasure_7_Label_FinalVisual is the brand new label set up by Diesler and Jung Collective. The first release is a split 7″ from UK funksters the Hugh Turner Quartet and label boss Diesler featuring the vocal talents of Double Yellow.
Dieslers “You’re Not Dead” is a beat driven slice of funk, given an alternative, indie twist from Double Yellows laid back vocals. This will go down a treat in the clubs, and I could even easily imagine this getting air time on 6 Music.
The flip side, “Back To School” is an instrumental journey through modern funk, jazz and soul. Perfect for warming up the dance floor or relaxing to, preferably on a nice sunny day.
Available now on 7″ and 7″ only! Yes, that’s right, vinyl only, no digital. Numbers are limited, so get while you can.
Check out a taster and then buy from bandcamp

C U Next Tuesday Records


Before they were Invisible Spies, Kid Acne, Chips For The Poor, Mongrels and crew were releasing records on their CU Next Tuesday Records imprint. They have just put the back catalogue up for FREE download on bandcamp. Go check out some weird and wonderful music.

Demand Vinyl

All you vinyl freaks pay attention! A brand new label, Demand Vinyl will be launching on Jan 1st 2013, releasing signed artists music along side one-off singles, soundtracks, re-issues and so on. Kicking them off nicely will be the Singles Club. This will be a set of 10 7″ singles that you subscribe to, the first 4 will be sent straight away, then the follow six will be released one a month for the next six months. All will have deluxe, special packaging and there will be no re-presses.
Contributing artists include Memory Tapes, Hot Chip, Air France, St Etienne, Laetitia Sadier, Mlki & The Dove, Levek, Moons, Holy Strays, Dreamtrakand more. Each single will have a track from a more established artist, along with one from a new act.  The songs will be exclusiveto the Singles Club and will include originals, one-off collaborations and covers. These sets are limited to 500 copies and priced at £55 inc p+p (a little more for delivery outside the UK).  There will be no more made, so be quick.  Surprise gifts will also be included in the sets.Each single will be accompanied by a subscriber-only explanation from the artist of the ideas and story behind the song, some with a mixtape, video or a short video podcast from the artist.
Get involved – THE SINGLES CLUB is saving one of the slots for a brand new band.  We are asking for demos as of now .
Send links to
Entrants will be narrowed down by our A&R Team and a list of finalists will be published in the New Year.  A winner will be picked by Rob Da Bank(Radio1/Bestival/SundayBest) and the prize package will include all Ten Singles, a day in the 4AD studio to record a tune and then including that tune on the tenth and final Singles Club single. The competition closes. as the year closes, at midnight on New Year’s Eve 2012.

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