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WrongTom – Possessed EP

wrongtomWrongTom returns with a new EP, “Possessed EP”. Taking the Possessed rhythm and getting different vocalists to flex their styles over it. With the likes of Tippa Irie, Ragga Twins, Deemus J and more, this is digital dancehall dub, done in the best possible fashion.
Released on 12″ single and digital through Tru Thoughts, this is a must for all reggae fans.

The High Breed – Phoenix video

Check out the excellent new video from The High Breed. “The Phoenix” is a quality slice of fresh hip hop, concious lyrics and heavy beats. We look forward to hearing more from this rising group.

The Sorcerers – The Sorcerers

The Sorcererssorc have released their excellent self-titled debut album on ATA Records. Taking influences from Ethiopiques ethiojazz as well as the soundtracks to the European horror films of the 60s and 70s, The Sorcerers seamlessly blend these disparate elements into one cohesive package.
This is raw, heavy instrumental funk music, on a par with the likes of The Heliocentrics, The Natural Yoghurt Band and so on. Their sound is more introspective than full on party, but this doesn’t mean they don’t know how to let loose.
“The Sorcerers” is definitely one of the best modern funk albums we have heard this year and urge you all to check it out. It is available now on limited LP, CD and digital along with a limited edition silk screen poster.

Marjen – Rubies & Rust

Canadian marjenproducer Marjen returns with a new release, “Rubies & Rust”.
The album consists of 6 vocal tracks featuring MC’s Bakus, V8 and Morbidly-O-Beats. Having not heard of any of these rappers, I have to say they all fit perfectly with Marjens downbeat, broody, electronic beats.
The release contains the instrumentals of all the tracks, all working just as well as instrumentals as they do as vocal tracks.
There is a very limited CD release, only 20 being made, so by the time you read this I’m sure they will all be sold out, but you never know! But you can grab the digital for “name your price” release now.

Mongrels – Low Budget/High Concept

Kid Acne mongrelsand Benjamin aka Mongrels return after a long hiatus with a brand new 6 track EP, “Low Budget/High Concept”.
The EP is exactly what we wanted to hear from the duo, old skool, chunky left-field beats, with tongue twisting, amusing without being over the top, smoothed out old skool rhymes.
Compared to Acne’s previous work, this has a slightly more serious tone, some tunes being quite melancholic but I think this adds to the flavour and makes for a more enjoyable listen.
The EP is out now direct from Kid Acne’s website on limited edition 10″ vinyl, only 300 in the world, with hand-pulled screenprinted sleeves all signed, numbered and embossed by Kid Acne and Benjamin. You can also purchase the digital version from now!


Memory Man Interview

memoryHaving recently supplied us with a fantastic mix for The Left Hand Side podcast, Memory Man has kindly taken time out to answer a few of our questions.

Can you introduce yourself and let the people know what you do.
I’m Memory Man, a DJ, producer and instrumentalist based in Austin, Texas.
What first got you into hip hop?
When I was seven I was into DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Run DMC, Beastie Boys and Slick Rick. Then I got heavily into Public Enemy when I was nine. That was the big one.
When did you decide you wanted to be more than just a listener of the music and start producing?
In college. The minute I saw people I knew doing it I knew I wanted to try it myself.
You seem to take inspiration and influence from all over the place, apart from hip hop what music are you into?
Literally every genre, but some favorites are Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Sly Stone, James Brown, Syd Barrett, Brian Wilson, John Lennon, Dead Kennedys and Bad Brains.
There are many great artists featured on your album, “Broadcast One”. How did you hook up with them all?
Edan’s been one of my best friends for fifteen years, Paul Barman’s been one for ten. I met Lif through Edan and Mike Eagle and Busdriver through Paul. My man TomC3 who produced Kool Keith’s Project Polaroid album linked me up with Keith and Prince Po. Blaise B. was someone whose music I stumbled across online and reached out to because I thought his talent was incredible and nobody seemed to know about him yet.
What is the main concept behind “Broadcast One”? Can you break it down for the readers.
Each song is a different TV show on the Angry Bee Network. It’s inspired by SCTV and a lot of the TV I grew up with in the ’80s. I thought the TV concept was a good format to incorporate a lot of my political interests.
Are there any artists out there you would like to work with?
There’s a ton of them, mostly guys from the golden era. I feel like a lot of MCs that people feel fell off are being let down on the production end of things.
Would you ever consider producing any other music other than hip hop?
Yeah, I’ve been producing rock music for a while on the low. I’ve been working with Cory Shane who used to be in the band Dead Meadow on some stuff recently.
What’s next for Memory Man? Is there another album in the works?
There are some plans, but nothing solid enough to talk about yet.
Which cartoon, old or new, would you like to supply the soundtrack to?
I’m not a fan of most modern animation, so probably it would be the old UPA stuff and Merrie Melodies.
Any last words or shout outs?
Just a big shout out to everybody who still cares about this music. DJ Food, Ego Trip, Jeff Weiss, etc. – plus a huge shout out to all the MCs who worked on my album and Chopped Herring Records.

Memory Mans album “Broadcast One” is available now via bandcamp or from Chopped Herring Records.

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