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The Poets Of Rhythm – Anthology : 1992 – 2003

It’s hard to believe that The Poets Of Rhythm started their journey into raw, uncut funk all the way back in 1992. Now, Daptone Records are releasing an excellent collection of the bands best tracks, picked by Daptone staff and the band themselves. Grab a copy on gatefold LP or CD, with 20 page booklet, direct from the Daptone Records website.
If that’s not enough, check out this fantastic promo for the album from the one and only Edan.

Strangelove – Purple

StrangeloveIt’s always nice to get sent a new release from a group you’ve not heard of and it actually lives up to the press release.
Strangelove are a three-man group from London who mix up hip hop, electronics, jazz, and more to create a dark, moody, surreal sound.
On first listen, the group sound familiar to the likes of The 3 Owls, High Focus, Jehst etc, but with deeper listening you hear their sound strays further from the hip hop norms compared to their other UK counter parts. It’s good to hear new groups out their not afraid to push the boundaries and try new things within this thing we call hip hop.

The “Purple” EP is available now as a free download from their bandcamp page, check out the excellent art work too!


Cryptochrome – Heavy

Cryptochrome aka Anik of Dark Circle, has released another internet only bootleg, mash-up. This time the Crypto’s have taken The Beatles track, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” from Abbey Road, and turned it into a truly unique hybrid of rock and hip hop. Aniks flow and rhyme style works perfectly with the track, creating a style and sound that I can’t really compare to any others, as I’ve never really heard anything quite like it.
But don’t just take my word for, listen for yourselves. Heavy!

Action Bronson remixed by Telemachus

Telemachus is at it again! You cannot deny the quality of this mans musical production. This time he comes with a remix of man of the moment, Action Bronsons track, “Get Off The Peepee”.
The “Albanian Horror Remix” title is very apt here, with its spooky synths and super heavy clanging beats, reminiscent of Main Sources “Live At the BBQ” and the Nautilus break. The remix is taken from Telemachus’ mix for Wordplay magazine, “Wordplay Sessions Vol. 3”.

Real raw, heavy hip hop people!

The Black Angels – Live In San Francisco EP

black angelsThe Texan psychedelic freakers, The Black Angels have just dropped a great 3 track live EP, and its all yours for free.
I’d heard of the band, but didn’t really know their music until I saw them at Glastonbury this year. Their set blew me away, I was really impressed with their modern vision of psych rock. Dripping in authentic fuzzy sound, but not sounded dated or just a carbon copy.
Grab the, “Live From San Francisco” EP HERE.

Oddience – Paperboy

Check out the new video for the track “Paperboy” by Oddience. “Paperboy” is taken from their excellent new mixtape “Slide”. You can download “Slide” for from the groups website HERE. I’m not going to say too much now and let the music speak for itself.

Chalk – One For Being Me

chalkMC/Producer Chalk, is part of the Mancunian hip hop collective The Natural Curriculum.
Having 4 highly regarded releases under their belts, “One For Being Me” is the 5th and latest album from the collective.
Vocally Chalk is a refreshing MC, telling heartfelt stories on his own terms and in his own style. After seeing the excellent video for the single, “If You Must”, I was expecting the album to be a happy-go-lucky kind of affair. So I was impressed by depth and breadth of Chalks lyrics, dealing with death, love, life, the whole deal. This helps set the Manchester MC apart from your typical UK rapper and give the album real diversity.
Musically, all bar 3 tracks produced by Chalk,  the album is pack full of solid boom bap funkiness. You can tell Chalk and the crew are real funk lovers and know how to utilise a good sample. It ranges from up beat party styles, to darker more introspective sounds.
Released on 12″, CD and digital from Sept 20th go grab yourself a copy, and check out the rest of the TNC releases while you’re at it. Boom!

Les Swashbuckling Napoleons / James P. Honey Split 7″

mism09-webMism Records release a new split 7″ from Les Swashbuckling Napoleons and James P Honey.
Les Swashbuckling Napoleons track, “Smash The Compass, Kill To Play” is an interesting mix of unconventional hip hop, electronics, folk and more. It reminds me of the old Anticon releases, without sounding dated or unoriginal.
James P Honeys side, “How To Build An Ark” is pure folk hip hop poetry. Acoustic guitars, luscious strings and Mr Honeys distinctive vocals, part rapper, part poet, part folk singer.

The 7″ is a strictly limited release, only 123 copies are made, with silk screen covers. You can order a copy and have a listen here. Don’t miss out!

Abomination – Keeper of the Craft

 abomAbomination is a Hawaii-based producer from the Tree Dusk Muir and the Doomsday Mechanics Krew. In the past he has worked with rapper Matt Gamin and released the instrumental album, “Reverse Depatterning” with Vezzen of The Lightsleepers.
He now releases the “Keeper Of The Craft” EP for free download. The EP is a murky journey through instrumental hip hop beats, jazz,and the avant-garde. This is dark and moody music with no apologies or compromise. Apparently all the tracks featured are instrumental versions of already released tunes. They work perfectly as instrumentals, but I would really love to hear them with vocals.
Get your free download on and support this release, peep the video for “PSA” to whet your appetite.


Thom Smith – Back To Outland

Thom Smith aka producer Opin, release his new EP “Back To Outland” on the 11th of October. It’s a heady mix of ambient electronics, and chilled out soundscapes. If you are looking for music you can kick back and drift away to, then this is perfect for you!
Consisting of 7 tracks, the EP is a “name your price” release via bandcamp, so no excuses. While you wait check out the video for “Elemental Forces”.

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