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Abigail Hubbard – Lie Low

Check out this excellent new track from Abigail Hubbard, produced by The Assembly Worker. “Lie Low” is a lovely slice of ambient style electronica, laced with Abigail’s sweet sounding vocals. Modern folk music I guess you could call it, just really nice track perfect to chill out in the sun to, and its all yours for free. The two are working together at the minute, so expect to hear more  sweet sounding electronica in the future!

Amen Brother 1st June


Amen Brother @ The Princess Alice
Sat 1st June
DJ’s LongDistanceDan & Pete Cadden
playing Funk, Soul, Psych & Hip Hop.
11pm til 3am

look out for some exclusive plays from LongDistanceDan’s forthcoming EP, “The Other Side Of The Sky”

DJ Nu-Mark – Lay Em Low

DJ Nu-Mark from Jurassic 5, has just unleashed this brand new track, “Lay Em Low”. Super heavy drums and all round funkiness is topped off nicely with the guest appearance from NY Oil aka Kool Kim from The UMCs. Get your heads nodding and toes tapping for free, download it from the soundcloud page.


Telemachus – Tennis Season video

While I await my copy of Telemachus’ new album, “In The Evening”, I’ve been hooked on the excellent new video for his track, “Tennis Season”. A great track with a great video, especially if you are a fan of table tennis, sweaty women in push up bra’s, oh and…well just watch it until the end!
You can download the track for free by simply signing up to the YNR Productions mailing list HERE.

Strange U – Beta Wave Slave

2303878099-1The abstract, other worldly, android hip hoppers Strange U are back and giving away a fresh FREE track.
Not much is known about the new track, “Beta Wave Slave”, other than hope dope it is! (Do I sound like Will-I-Am? Sorry if I do).
Catch Strange U playing live at the Jazz Cafe, June 2nd as part of the Eglo Records 4th Birthday show.

Download “Beta Wave Slave” HERE

Rodney P vs WrongTom – Riddim Killin

To celebrate 10 years of Nice Up! Records, they are giving away WrongTom’s re-rub of the Rodney P dancehall/hip hop classic, “Riddim Killa”.  One for the reggae, digital dancehall heads. Nice (up)!

Moniker Eggplant

eggplant_3_6_2_7_1_farbton2-012Moniker Eggplant is an open-minded electronic label based in Berlin. The concept behind the label is they “release sound carriers (vinyl, CD, data) always conducted by a proper eggplant-recipe”. Sounds a bit nuts, yeah but we are loving it!
So far there have been four main; three handmade CDrs in our unique design (handmade, hand stamped carton-cd-box) and one vinyl (7” split-release with Alphacute records). All with that real DIY ethos that shows real love has gone into the project and the label.
The main focus of the label is to bring together artists from all over the globe who create different, unique forms of electronic music, compile their music and release them as part of their “Mashed Eggplant” series.
So far there has been “Mashed Eggplant Vol.1” featuring the likes of Infinite Livez, Dingy Dysu, Desmond Denker and more. Along with, yep you’ve guessed it, “Mashed Eggplant Vol.2” featuring artists such as Bit-Turner, PorkFour, Graph amongst others.
They all make for a really interesting, diverse, at times challenge, but overall entertaining listen. It is well worth giving Moniker Eggplants back catalogue a listen and keeping an eye on where they will go next!

Soundsci – Change video

Just a quick post to say, check out the fresh new video from Soundsci for their track “Change”. Audessey, Oxygen, U George, Jonny Cuba & Ollie Teeba are at it again and coming correct.

The Simonsound – The Beam

simonsoundThe Simonsound sound release a brand new single entitiled, “The Beam”, on super tastey transparent 10″ vinyl. The single is a “radiophonic ride aboard the imaginary ‘SS Mk I Monorail’, taking in five out of this world destinations along the way. Board the Monorail and be whisked to Outer Space World, Underwater World, Inner Space, Robot World and The Land of Myths and Beasts.” You can’t argue with that, can you.
Musically, The Beam follows the work of early classic electronic producers such as Raymond Scott, Tristram Cary and Tom Dissevelt. Mixing up Buchla, Moog and EMS synthesisers, with tape manipulated percussion and acoustic sources, this is the more experiemental side of The Simonsound.
The b-side, “In The Shadow of Skylon”, is “an oscillating ode to a long lost London landmark and futuristic structure created for the Festival of Britain in 1951.”
There is a extremely limited version that includes two sided colour map, sew on ‘The Simonsound Transit Authority’ Pilot patch, 1 of a kind 1/4 inch tape loop, mini booklet, Monorail ticket, all housed in a beautiful letter press printed sleeve. But sadly as I write this it has already sold out, sorry. But you can still grab the 10″ which comes with a free map, to outter space I’m guessing. and of course there is the digital version for you modern types.

Listen and buy HERE

Acid Reign – Synergy

ACidRAcid Reign return with a new 6 track ep, “Synergy”. As ever the group continue to experiment with the boundries of what we know as hip hop.
For this release the group have teamed  up with French producers Chrono Triggers, giving them a fresh new sound that is as dancey as it is weird, giving it a real unqiue sound that you don’t hear too often.
Released on Acid Lab Records listen and buy it HERE.

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