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Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – The Soviet Tape Vol.1

scientistFulgeance & DJ Scientists new album, ‘The Soviet Tapes Vol.1’ is finally here.
Taking forgotten records from Russia to Moldavia, The Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia and beyond, the duo have interspersed the largely instrumental album with skits culled from 60s CIA documentaries as well as vocal cuts featuring Blu, Open Mike Eagle and DistantStarr.
Heavy beats are the order of the day here, and anyone who knows the duo’s previous work, solo or otherwise, will know these are beats of the highest quality.
You can get the digital album and the vinyl version now from First Word Records bandcamp. Beat heads, you need this in your lives!

Jazz Spastiks – Tapes

The Jazz Spasjazztiks are back with a new singe, ‘Tapes’.
‘Tapes’ features Rebels To The Grain and is exactly what you’d expect, high quality, smooth, head nodding boom bap hip hop. The new track may not break any new ground, but it sounds sweet and that’s all that really matters isn’t it.
Download it now for free via bandcamp.

Black Box Tapes – The Shape Of Things To Come

Left-field rashapepper and Anticon hero, Sole has a new label coming straight out of Denver.
Black Box Tapes is a new experimental hip hop and electronic label, although as time goes on they aim to go beyond these genres and simply release music they love.
‘The Shape Of Things To Come’ is a free label sampler featuring the likes of Skyrider, Mans Best Friend, Walter Gross and more. The tracks featured are definitely interesting and makes us excited for what is to come from this new label.

Adam and Cuth – The Look Up

UK duadamo Adam and Cuth are back with a new track, ‘The Look Up’.
Featuring a hefty, soulful beat and Adams unique rhyme still, ‘The Look Up’ is a great taste of what to expect from their forthcoming album, ‘The Formwork’.
This new single is available for download as well as a limited 7″ single on the Mondegreen Soho Records label.
Grab the single and check out the new video below.


The Beatles vs. Hip-Hop Legends – An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space’

The manBeatles-vs-Hip-hop-Legends who brought you ‘Jimi Hendrix Vs Wu-Tang’ and the ‘The Okay Player Bollywood Remake’, returns with a new album of ingenious mash-ups. This time, Tom Caruana (although no one is saying its him) has plundered The Beatles catalogue, spliced it together with some classic hip hop acappellas to create some of the most interesting, creative and entertaining mash-ups we’ve heard in a long time.
Grab it for free while you can, via the Monkeyboxing blog.

Boca 45 – Mr Big Sun

Boca 45Mr-Big-Sun-Boca-45 returns with a brand single, ‘Mr Big Sun’. The track features the vocal talents of Stefanie McKay and is a super slice of psychedelic soul. Mixing up rough percussion with heavy guitar licks, this is the first taste of Boca’s new album, ‘Dig Eat Beats Repeat’ coming out soon on Digga Please Records.
If this is anything to go by, the album should be pure killer! We look forward to hearing more.

The Delegates Of Rhyme – Look At What They Do video

Check out the brand new video from The Delegates Of Rhyme, featuring Greg Blackman. ‘Look At What They Do’ is a soulful head nodding track that cuts through the norm of UK hip hop to create a refreshing and uplifting sound.
The single is released on Feb 16th via bandcamp, make sure to grab it when it drops and for now check out the Wordplay Magazine supported video.

Telemachus – Dead Weight

Here is the new video from Telemachus, ‘Dead Weight’ is the latest single to be taken from the album, ‘In Morocco’. The single also includes a remix from Opal Block aka Pete Cannon, which takes the track into a whole other, more upbeat dimension. Grab the single and album now, and don’t forget both Telemachus aka Chemo and Opal Block both feature on our own ‘Cosmic Dust Agenda’ compilation.

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