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Onoe Caponoe – Disappearing Jakob video

Check out the new video from the new Onoe Caponoe album, ‘Voices From Planet Cattele’. Available now from High Focus Records, the album, produced by Chemo, is some real spaced out madness, definitely worth checking out.

Passive 65ive – F.P.N


We are a bit late on this one, but wanted to draw your attention to the new album by Passive 65ive.
‘F.P.N’ is, as expected, a solid album of hard hitting, uncompromising, left-field hip hop. If you want to hear some hip hop from these shores that definitely doesn’t sound like everything else, then this is the album for you. Download it now for name your price release via bandcamp.

Herma Puma feat. QNC – Killing Me 7″

UK proHR016S_Asideducer Herma Puma returns with a new single on Hero Records featuring hip hop legends QNC.
The single is a double A side 7″ release with the slick ‘Killing Me’ leading the way. This is a smooth slice of straight up boom bap hip hop.
On the flip side things get more grimey, as Herma Puma aka Pimpernel Jones, gets low down and dirty on the production. ‘I Did It (For Hip Hop)’ is a real hard, head nodding track, with QNC laying down the law, taking it back to why they started in the game.
A must for any golden era hip hop fans and funky beat lovers, you can grab the limited 7″ now.

AlgernonCornelius – BLIND

Check out thgpis great new single from a new artists, AlgernonCornelius‘ ‘Blind’.
This is a short but very sweet taster of what’s to come on Algernon’s forthcoming EP, ‘Happiness’.
‘Blind’ mixes up hip hop, glitch, future beats, jazz, electronica and more to create a unique, experimental slice of forward thinking music. The single also includes an ‘accidental’ dub version in the form of ‘Blind 96’.
With ‘Happiness’ being the young producers debut EP, 2015 will see more to follow and we definitely look forward to hearing more. You can also check out AC’s regular Gumbo mix tapes on the Instinctive Peoples mixcloud page. One to watch for sure!

Jazz T – The Lesson

JazzJazz T has just released the video for his new single, ‘The Lesson’ featuring Jehst, Zygote and Jyager.
This is the first single taken from the forthcoming ‘Run the Changes’ album which features Yeshua dapoED, J-Zone, Leafdog, BVA, Smellington Piff, Joker Starr, Zygote, Kashmere and many other luminaries.
The single is released on limited 7″ and digital single, you can pre-order your copy HERE. In the mean time, check out the video.

Tony McPhee – The Hunt

Buried Treasutonyre records have unearthed a fantastic slice of experimental, early synth, prog electronica in the form of Tony McPhee’s ‘The Hunt’.
Originally released in 1973, ‘The Hunt’ was a 19 minute epic that took up one side of McPhee’s solo album, ‘The Two Sides Of Tony (T.S) McPhee’. Made using two newly purchased ARP2600 synthesizers, organ and a Bentley Rhythm Ace drum machine, ‘The Hunt’ is a stark, almost medieval, distorted slab of industrial electronics that precedes acts such as Throbbing Gristle, Suicide & Cabaret Voltaire by years.
Buried Treasure have enlisted the talents of Revbjelde to edit the track down to a more palatable 3 minutes 37 and to also provide a great remix too.
Release on 7″ single on Feb 15th you can pre-order you copy now!

Benjamin One – After The Days / Simpler Things

Following theben one release of his debut album ‘The Drum Role’, Benjamin One returns with a new single, ‘Simpler Things’. The track is accompanied with a slick new video that features an interesting looking puzzle being played, the puzzle is also up for sale from the Universal Magnetic bandcamp page.
The track itself is a tasty mix of electronic beats, with the energy of grime, a hint of dubstep and of course lots of hip hop. This track definitely gets your body moving!

V/A – A Little Something Radio

Here aunnamednd Now Records release the new compilation, ‘A Little Something Radio : Music From The Modern Soul Underground’. Compiled by Diesler, the album brings together the best modern soul music, ranging from classic sounding funk to the more dance orientated tracks.
19 tracks deep this is the perfect compilation for those of you looking for more soulful vibes in your life and are after new artists to explore.
Released on the 19th of Jan, ‘A Little Something Radio’ is available on CD and digital with limited t-shirt bundles also available.

Elektro4 – Six Ton Armor Psychcast

For theiELEKTRO4r latest psychcast, pruveyors of all that is psychedelic Six Ton Armor, have enlisted the help of producer Elektro4.
Elektro4 (Mike) was born with drums in his blood thanks to his father. Many know him from his work with DJ Signify and his first album Keystroke One. His follow up album ‘Keystroke Two: Archaeometry ‘ is due out later in 2015. ElekTro4 lives in New York City with his dog.
Don’t forgot Elektro4’s track, ‘Worry’ features on our own, ‘Cosmic Dust Agenda’ compilation album available on the Dusted Industries bandcamp site.
Stream or down load this excellent mix of psych, prog, drums and more from the Six Ton Armor website, and make sure to check out the other mixes too, there’s plenty to be getting on with and you will not be disappointed.

Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele

Check out this promo sampler for the forthcoming Onoe Caponoe album, ‘Voices From Planet Cattele’ released on High Focus and produced completely by Chemo. Sound interesting? Hell yeah!
This is some freaky business released on Jan 28th and available for pre-order here now.

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